Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tigger and Temptations

Doing better this week stitching wise but to be fair anything would be better than last weeks disasters(~grumble~)

I have done a little frogging but that's no fun to report.

I have completed a rotation on a new addition to the list: Winnie the pooh kit from my crazy January list

Here's where I was up to from its day in Jan
And now after it's 10 hours
Stitching up nicely don't you think, lots of fractionals going on but still a comfortable stitch

Now lets see my rotations are currently:
  1. Motherly Devotion
  2. Xmas Tags - finished those so need something new adding in here
  3. Tapestry Cat - on hold (rippit) :( maybe thinking to replace it with something else and add a little frogging inbetween each rotation. 10 hours of frogging would be torture.
  4. Winnie the Pooh
Right so back to Motherly Devotion it is then. Seems to have gone round quite quick but I guess that's due to a finish and a hiccup.

My hubby is a bit addicted to rooting round in charity shops for gems (he says) junk (i often say lol) hazards of being married to a hoarder ~ahem~ I mean collector.

But now and again he turns up with something like this
Gem!!! I have quite a pile of X stitch books that I'll never get to stitching everything but they are nice to look at lol.

On the matter of too much to stitch. I'm seriously tempted with a few bits at the moment still having my birthday money to spend. I quite fancy doing an afghan for the new baby but this would mean putting some of the other stuff on hold to get it done and then makes me think I should do a bauble for this ones first Christmas like I did for DS1. hmmmm...... hubby has reminded me there is an unfinished patchwork quilt for DS1 ooops. It doesn't have much left to do I did all of the patchwork before Vinnie was born but have slowed to a halt with the quilting aspect. I always have these dabbles in other crafts but really I always come back to my lovely XX's. Oh well that's something else to add to the list. ~sheepish smile~ Oh and I'm still looking at the threads for the LL Angel I got the other week.

So torn and tempted....

What would y'all do? Be good or go for it?

Keep stitching...


  1. your Winnie The Pooh stitching is progressing well. Do you already know what you're going to do with it? Must be so much fun to stitch for your children.

  2. Go for it Emma. Never be good when it comes to stitching. I'm loving Tigger.


  3. Love the Tigger.... so cute. :D

  4. Nice job on Tigger! I have a Winnie the Pooh kit that I'm just dread to pick up - it's a set of bibs and there's so many fractionals it drove me crazy, made me stuff it in a drawer, and never want to look at it again. But I guess I should finish it someday. It's not charted very well, either. SIGH

    I think working some frogging in between 10 hour rotations (maybe an hour or two so you don't go crazy) is a great idea! I support!

  5. I came across your blog today and have gone back and read all your posts. I love all your work and look forward to seeing so much more of your JE work. Love the TW cat as I have not seen that design before.

    And a belated congrats on your pregnancy.


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