Sunday, 22 January 2012


Well I could hardly believe my eyes... A finish!!!!

After a slog to the finish of my crazy January 15, I had a few days to recoup my stitchy vibes and yesterday was my first day back. What a way to get back into the swing of things but with a finish of Royal Guard from Cross stitcher magazine 242

Also to my surprise when digging in my work basket for the felt finishings I discovered this little fella. My 10 month old son must have posted his toy royal guard in there. I was rather impressed although I did find Captain America in there to.

So is probably just a coincidence but a cute one nevertheless. The work basket is now going to live on the top of a cabinet as I thought it was out of reach enough but obviously not and today I caught him tipping out my TUSAL jar lol. But safety first and so my workbasket with its pins and scissors is going to live out of reach during the day.

Well on with the next...

Keep stitching...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Let the stitching begin in ernest

Well I did it!!! Woop Woop. There was a little while I thought I mightn't get it done, but I've slogged it out and made a start on all my 15.

Day 10: Gift Tags Cross stitcher number 234

Stitched all of one of the tags it just needs trimming and making up.

Day 11: Motherly Devotion Cross stitch collection

Fabric Pack finally arrived this very day so I thought it was rude not to start it right away. Still had been having sleepless nights with my teething son so could hardly keep my eyes open. But I was really loathed to put this one away for the next.

Day 12: Ornies Cross stitcher magazine
 Made a good start. Uses three strands so will be super rich colourwise. But ouch on the threads so will have to see how far supplies get me!

Day 13: Kingfisher in Flight.
 After having been up since 4am I had a busy zombiefied day ended up out at the shops longer than I wanted but luckily I had stopped for a large peice of choccy cake to fuel me along. So really thought I wasn't going to get any stitching done. But being so close to the end I camped out in bed and stitched a length.

Day 14: Christmas Angel
 Did a little bit still was low on energy.

Day 15: Middle Earth
Doesn't look much but did take a bit of sorting firstly I nearly all the threads for this needed winding onto bobbins and it's stitched 2 over 1 so will look really good.

Now to sort the mess out......and where to start arrrrgggghhhhh!! lol

Keep stitching...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Crazies fatigue

I'm soldiering on with my crazy 15, have to admit this week I've found that all these new starts a bit of a fatigue. I used to think starting a new kit was the most exciting thing but I think I've took the comfortable middle stitching time for granted. I struggled a couple of days with having to get all the new bits together and starting but I'm over halfway so I'm sticking with it. But I'm so looking forward to the end of this so I can get on with the pleasure of working towards finishes.

 So here's my varying progresses on my crazies

Day 5: Reindeer cake band Cross stitcher free kit issue 245

I know barely started - too much distractions but that's a story for another day lol.

Day 6:World of Sarah Kay kit

Much better than day 5 seems a nice kit - got loads lovely colours, metallics and a huge tub of beads that look like more than the chart needs - always nice to end up with extras for the stash.

Day 7: Gingerbread Houses

Got nearly all the X stitch for one end of the house done. Took quite a while to measure out the fabric to make sure all the pieces would leave enough room for each other. So looking forward to getting these done I can't wait to see how it goes together to make the 3D houses.

Day 8: Tigger and Pooh

Again not much of a start but think I was lamenting putting the gingerbread houses away.

Day 9: Flaming June

Not bad but this was one of those where I needed loads of stuff out and didn't have to hand. So a lot of time wasted rummaging etc. I was a little nervous when I started as the chart recommended starting from the top corner which I never do but I have a large enough piece of fabric so have gave it a go. But then it also means I've started in the clouds - boring colour-wise doh!!!

Bit concerned I ordered the fabric pack from Cross stitch collection for the motherly devotion but it's yet to arrive and I'm soon gonna run out of time - although I do have other kits I can pull at the last. And here I am on day 10 saying about not having had as much time but I'm here blogging lol

So I'm off to kick my butt into action.

Keep stitching...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

CJC Day 1-4

Getting into the new year and enjoying all this craziness. I've had some ups and downs, it's certainly full of fun. Hoping you are all enjoying yours and looks like some great starts from what I caught up on.

So here's my progress so far on my crazy Jan challenge...

Day 1: Christmas tags from Cross Stitcher magazine number 247.

Got all the X stitch done on one tag. Didn't really get at it but we had a lazy start to the year in addition to a teething baby - well I think it's teething, he's nearly 10 months and still to get one lol. I was cursing the kit thinking it was missing the brown (on the bauble top) but to my tired eyes it was masquerading as a green!!

I got a pack of lovely gold needles from the hubby for Christmas and they are gliding through the fabric like a dream and it was a pack of 20 so plenty to go around my crazies.

Day 2: Royal Guard Cross Stitcher Magazine number 242.

He' stitching up quick didn't have long again to work on him so good start considering. At first I thought he was not going to be a starter as the first red thread I used kept snapping on me but it must just have been a bad length in the kit. Even though it was only day 2 I felt a bit naughty opening a new kit when I hadn't made a good dint in the one before.

Day 3: Margaret Sherry Little Fairy
 Wow this one felt like it was flying off the needle. Considering this was the same day I went back to work it's coming along nicely Can't wait to get back on it!!

Day 4: Felt Baubles Cross Stitcher Magazine number 246
~Sigh ~ Just when I thought it was all going so well. The stitching has gone well but after hours of stitching I got to the bottom and realised the little piece of fabric has been cut wonky!! And something has gone askew in my middle finding so it has come dangerously close to the edge and considering this needs to be stitched into some felt this is not good. Not good at all!! :(

Looks like there may be some frogging in my future. Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh!! Kinda glad to put this one back in the box to deal with another day. ~grumble~grumble~

Hoping today's endeavour fairs better!!!

Keep stitching...