Sunday, 27 January 2013

Progression at last

Well I've done it I've finished my 10 hour rotation on In the Arms of an Angel.
Here it is as it was last week when I updated you...

And following this weeks efforts...
Not too shabby as I sit back and see the progress. And one day I managed to get a whole 2 hours straight!!! BLISS! PURE BLISS!
I have however to recreate the exact conditions that enabled me to get these 2 hours lol but I'm working on it. I'm at least hoping this is it for getting the stitching wagon going.
I'm off to make a start on the next rotation piece and yup its a new one...I know like I need anything new but I couldn't resist. I'll leave it for a surprise when I update. I'll also work on getting a page for my current WIP's so we can keep a handle on what I have stitches on.
Keep stitching....

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Squeezing Stitches

I have to say I love stitching so much, it keeps me sane and balanced. There' s nothing more serene than the glide of the needle and thread through the fabric, picture slowly emerging and losing oneself in the counting. Most people (non stitchers) when they see my work say "I' d never have the patience" I think I need to stitch to have patience. I have been making a huge effort to fit in some stitching this last few week. I decided to go with getting back on the rotation too and with the new year I've made a new start...not that I needed another WIP. It's Lavender & Lace In the arms of an Angel.

And after squeezing in not quite my ten hours here' s my progress. Not too shabby and this is just squeezing sometimes 15 mins a day but it slowly mounts up and I' d love for a longer stretch but you take what you can get with little ones lol

It' s a good portion of the red section of the dress. 

And I' m doing a happy dance at my progress.

Keep Stitching...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New year New stashing

I know I'm slow but wish you all a happy New year.

I'm hoping to get back in my stride this year. That is if I can manage to squeeze some time without Henry attached, he's somewhat of a Velcro baby a total mama' s boy.

I need to have a bit of a sort and decide what's on the list first to tackle.

I got a few lovely stitchy things this Christmas, I've still got pennies to spend so sure I'll be stashing a few more bits.

I got the flights of fancy off my folks I have already done the hummingbird and have the kingfisher to do so the eagle is a great add to my stash. I fell in love with the retro folding ruler so please Santa  remembered it.

Hubby also found me a couple more things in the charity shops a golden jubilee sampler been opened but not started so a bargain for few quid and the book is one I have fond memories of as it was one my mother always had to hand and inspired my early samplers and I used to love looking through it at the charts.

So here's to  a productive year...fingers

 keep stitching