Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pretty kitty and more Easter crafts

Bit slow on updating but I wanted to complete my rotation before I posted.

Hope you have all had a nice Easter.

This one is one of my UFOs I intend to finish this year. It's Teresa Wentzler's Tapestry Cat. I started it years ago after searching high and low for a cross stitch chart with a Birman cat on like my lovely cat Dot.

I found this one but it was discontinued but this was no problem with ebay!! I seem to remember taking it off to do a wedding sampler for my brother and sister in law - which they wed in 2007!!! Yikes this really has been sitting waiting to be completed for ages! It has been out on a few occasions over the years and has always come up against things that needed doing sooner like the wedding sampler but was never meant to be a UFO at all.

This is where it was when I picked it up
Every time I have got this out I have actually been surprised with how much has been done more than I remember each time. The only thing with UFOs I think is trying to find where you left off with it all. But I have loved every minute I have spent on this one.

So here's where I have got up to
Maybe doesn't look much but I have been working on the fill of the borders. There are some really lovely things about this design I love the eyes and they look so good as they are worked one over one where the rest of the stitching is two over two. This gives them such depth.
The other things is that a lot of the colours are tweeded using a strand of each colour mixed this gives interesting colour mixes and blending. This was the first design I encountered this on. I love the border on this as well.
So all in all I'm really happy with getting some stitching done on this one and think maybe this rotation malarkey is going to work out after all. I'm thinking I'll be working back on the JE Motherly Devotion next I can always expand the rotation from there but I'll take it slow I think 3 is enough for now.

Vince has decided walking is the way forward now so I have a little Frankenstein bumbling about the house now instead of clinging to furniture lol. This week we got the craft stuff out again and have made a decorated egg....Which won an prize at church!!!!
Vincent actually did all the painting on this himself, so I was super proud. He's getting the idea of what to do and didn't try and eat any paint this time!!! I used to love doing all the little craft projects like this when I was young - bet you couldn't tell - and who am I kidding I still love doing stuff like this lol.

Oh and later today I get to go and find out if number 2 is pink or blue and how they are growing - excited -  just a bit!!!

Keep stitching...


  1. It looks like you're making good progress. I just love both of your cats, real and stitched!

  2. Beautiful piece! And you made quite some progress. The mixed colors and the one over one stitching make stitching a lot slower methinks, but the result is wonderful!

  3. Beautiful stitching, Emma. That is really a stunning design and it does look exactly like Dot. Dot is beautiful too :)


  4. What a beautiful UFO!
    I hope you can finish this this year.

  5. Ooooooh TW designs are so beautiful and this is certainly no exception! Also, your cat is gorgeous - and I think she knows it! Keep us updated on the status of number 2!

  6. Very pretty design and you are doing a great job stitching it, the eyes are amazing and it matches your cat perfectly.

  7. Wow. That cat does look like your cat. Great stitching. It is a beautiful piece.


  8. Both cats are so cute :D and the stitched one looks so much like yours, if you hadn't mentioned I thought it had been inspired on your cat :) Great progress :D
    And the froggy egg is really cute :)

  9. Your project is beautiful and your kitty Dot is lovely too.

    Congrats to Vincent on his prize winning egg, it looks great!