Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunflower sunlight

I managed to get those extra couple of hours in to complete my rotation on world of Sarah Kay.

And now.
It is progressing nicely but I don't know if it's that with the boys teething and other things meaning that the time was rather broken up meant I haven't got into the flow.

I wasn't sure about the yellow on the sunflowers it's a variegated colour so I think it looks very green and mucky looking which isn't what I want in a sunflower. However it has come across better on the photo, which incidentally was took this morning in the daylight and I only get to stitch mostly after the boys are in bed in electric light. Just shows how much lighting is important. Hubby did say when I showed him the other night it would look better with the back he does listen sometimes when I'm rambling about stitching lol.

Keep stitching...

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Stitching up a serenade

I've been up to allsorts since my last post so settle in for a catch up.

Firstly I opened my sub of Cross Stitch Collection magazine this morning. So excited to find my stitching featured on the letters page.

I will have an update on my rotation of Sarah Kay very soon as I only have a couple of hours left on that.

I'd had an idea to stitch something out of some of my grandma's clothes since she passed. I got some dresses and a card I that I remember her wearing a lot.

I have made a start on making up some angels and I'm going to dress them in the clothes.

I've only got the bodies cut out ready to assemble after the hubby took the boys out for me to get the sewing machine out this good of him. I've got ones to make for more of the family as well.

 I know my grandma would have loved them. She loved fairies and angels. 

The cardi was a bit trickier I've never really dabbled with knit so much so wasn't sure if I could make anything. My mother is a big pintrest fan and sent me loads ideas. And little did I know what amazing pile of ideas there are out there for upcycling your knitwear. Mother was like I'm off to the charity shops now for jumpers ha ha. You know what grandma would have been stuck right in there too.

Anyway these are the starts I've made.

I did this pen pot for my dad

It's pretty good but the bits I've stitched seem to have stretched compared to the rest of it. Hmm maybe just practise to avoid this.

I also found this pattern on pintrest for mittens.

I've only done the one so far as the machine decided it was jamming the bottom thread and I  decided to have a break break rather than risk ruining anything. But they look pretty cool I do say so myself.

keep stitching...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Thimble Fairy start

It feels like an age since I last updated but it's just over a week. I've made a great start on The thimble fairy.

It's stitching nice and the crescent colours are nice to stitch with. Being hand dyed they have a lovely variegated colour to them which is going to make each stitching unique.

I have done well in the charity shops at finding stash items. I got some I interesting boxes of buttons and found a massive box with a load of DMC skeins in at 20p each which is a steal so I got a good handful including all the blanc. Always going to need blanc and and some of the other colours are ones I know I use on a regular basis.

I have ordered some threads to have another go at making button necklace again.

I have set up a new blog for my thimble collecting Thimblelina the thimble fairy if you should fancy checking it out.

Keep stitching

Saturday, 8 June 2013

motherly devotion update

I seem to be in the zone lately. Another rotation finished on motherly devotion.

And now
Really starting to get there with it. It's a pleasure to stitch loving the shading of the folding the fabric you really notice when you step back.

The state of the chart is not great though. I've got suggestions for photocopying charts or covering them either sticky back plastic, laminate or or plastic wallets. I think I'll be getting some plastic wallets worth a try.

I've finally managed to dig out my thimble collection I've got more than I remember.

And I'm quite excited to start collecting again although looking there's so many it's where to start. I'm gonna make a start on the thimble fairy. I'm not sure whether to add a 5th thing into rotation or not, maybe some small projects.

Keep stitching...

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pleasing Progress

I've finished another rotation on In the Arms of an Angel and its really starting to come along. The detailing on the Lavender & Lace patterns are to die for.

And now:
I'm totally surprising myself with the progress on these projects since I've been off rotation to finish the baby sampler. The blend of colours is beautiful and It'll look great with the metallic and beading fitted in the gaps.

My chart for this and a few of my others are looking extremely tatty for the constant shifting and storing. What do you all do to keep them nicer and from tearing on the creases?

The more I stitch on the even weaves/ linens the more I'm enjoying them and makes 14 count Aida feel massive. Which incidentally I got given a few bits of my Grandma's and some was the Binca that I learnt to stitch on.

It's 8 bless it looks so big but makes me smile so much thinking of the first stitches I made on my way to being a X stitch addict lol.

The other thing that I was over the moon to have been passed down is her pin cushion.
I remember this forever being on the side somewhere handy and always about and me sitting with it collecting up the pins for grandma. Its so cute and a proper treasure even though chances are it was just something she picked up somewhere inexpensive but to me its priceless. It's in my work basket now and I keep gazing at it with fondness.

I passed on the Baby Hearts Sampler which everyone loved. I got told from my sister in laws mother 'I don't know where you've found the time to do that with your 2 little ones.' Makes me giggle I think I don't get near enough time. I promptly replied I can't not I think I'd be a crabby person if I didn't. Everyone finds a little me time some folks get their hair done or nails, go for a drink with friends etc etc.

Me I'd have a cosy corner with my needle and thread any day.

Keep Stitching....