Saturday, 25 February 2012

Motherly devotion progress from CJC start

I've picked up Motherly Devotion, Joan Elliot's design from Crossstitch collection from my Crazy January pile this week. Just to recap this is the design
It was one of the ones that I was loathed to put down. I love the way that Joan's designs stitch up.

This is where I got up on day 11 of CJC.
And here is where I'm up to now

Not too shabby eh? Think I have my stitching mojo back. In fact I've been feeling a bit back on my game in general which is nice. Finally going to get my first scan on Monday so can't wait to meet baby 2 and check that they are doing ok.

Shame the middle throws you straight into the greys of the blanket but I'm being good and sticking with it and I'm hoping to get that section completed first. But I'm so tempted to wander with all those other lovely colours begging to be stitched.

I was chatting with my friend, who also stitches (her Joan Elliot Celestial Dragon was in the last issue of collection - I was super proud of her) and she asked me about Starry Night. This then made me feel like I was cheating on it lol. Like I have said before normally I work with one big project and a small side project at a time so I'm not used to all this flitting about. Think maybe I'll have to get onto it soon but it's hard having so much stuff on the go at once. I love it all and want to stitch it now.

So much to stitch and so little time.

Keep stitching...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A finish as promised


I have my first finish of the year about time too. Glad a got myself pulled round a bit and got to some stitching.

Margaret Sherry's Little Fairy and she's turned out rather nice. And look at those beautiful french knots. I couldn't do them a handful of years back and then they just clicked.

Seen as it's half term we've been on a film binge on an evening so plenty of relax and stitch time. Off to see Star Wars in 3D tomorrow and now let's see what's next...

May the Force be with you....

Keep stitching...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

News and stitching to follow I promise

Well I've been a bit quiet on the sewing front but I have not really had much time or energy.

Mostly due to finding out I was expecting my second baby and the tiredness hit. I found it was a pain last time. No amount of extra sleep could cure it but I try.

Oh and Vincent, Baby number 1 has finally sprouted teeth 2 at once no wonder there was lots of fussing.

But I'm finished for half term and the hubby has some time off to help. So between catching up with a few friends, planning a first birthday party for next month, going to see Star Wars in 3D ....mmmmmm Ewan Mcgregor in 3D think I'll die!!! and a few other bits I'm plonking my bum on the sofa with needle in hand.

So watch this space.

Keep stitching.....