Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Memories old and new

I've been having one of those days where you get to playgroup and realise you've left the house without putting shoes on the toddler lol

I've finished my ten hours on the World of Sarah Kay. I have to say for some reason I'm just not in love with this one. I don't know why its not a hard stitch, I'm just missing that certain connection with it.

Here it is from before:

And now:

Now looking at the photos its made more progress than I thought but I can't find another picture in between so must be right. Feel a bit happier now!!!

I've also put the finishing touches to Baby Hearts as my Nephew arrived last Friday. I mounted it on a canvas. I just find a home decor one in the shop the right size and remove the canvas picture from the frame. Cover with card and then stretch the fabric over using double sided tape for easy repositioning and staple in place. This one was a tiny bit shorter on excess fabric for stretching round the canvas than I would have liked so I covered the edges with some ribbon I had stashed. For a bit of a cover up job its worked out as a really neat way of finishing.

I also ordered a chart and threads for a stitch that reminded me of my grandma. The thimble Fairy
Isn't she so cute, grandma used to buy me thimbles and the fairy which she adored fairies makes it a perfect reminder for me to stitch. I'll have to dig out my thimble collection to show. The threads with this are gorgeous hand dyed threads with names like lettuce leaf, I looking forward to trying them out. And I know I said I was going to be good and no more new starts but this is going into the rotation rightaway (sheepish grin)

I've already made a start on the next rotation for In the Arms of an Angel so I should have updated sooner but was too keen to stitch not type lol

Oh and I also had to do a work box tidy it had got so full of bits from finished projects, ORT, rubbish, random stitching finishing bits etc etc I couldn't get the lid on. Its now tidy and in order so I can settle down to some nice calm stitching.

Keep stitching...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cupcakes and covers

Firstly thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers it means a lot.
I've took solace in stitching and have some finishes to show. It was just over a week ago I got my issue of cross stitch collection through the door and found the most amazing cupcake charts inside. I've been trying my hardest to be good and focus on my WIPs but I was too tempted and dived into the stash to find the bits.
I did sub some colours as to what I had to hand and also added a bit of Madeira glissen gloss into the icing as I had some that coordinated with the pink.

I have had the sewing machine out today while the Hubby took the muchkins out for a walk. So I've whipped it up into a kindle cosey for my mother's birthday coming up. Just like real cupcakes they are rather moreish I'm just itching to stitch about a dozen.


I also stitched up a book cover. I've finally finished reading A Feast For Crows George RR Martin and its in a hell of a state from being chucked all over and on the bottom of the pram etc. And the next book I want to read are nice hardbacks that I want to keep nice to go back on the shelf. So viola

I am sure that should help keep my books nice. The fabric I had in my stash of fat quarters of pretty fabrics. Just love this floral design and I'm not normally one for pink but its dreamy. And I also got to use on of the lovely buttons from my hubby's groma's stash.So a pretty productive day.
Now back to my failing misson of keeping focused and stopping my WIPs becoming a host of UFOs.
Keep stitching....

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Sad Days Stitching

Yesterday my grandma passed was a bit  a shock as she had only been saying she'd had a little bit breathlessness and wouldn't see a doctor..turns out she had bad pneumonia. So sad that it could have been treated but she hated doctors  wouldn't have wanted messing about.

I can't imagine how gramps will manage without her, as you can see they were a proper pair of soulmates. A beautiful person inside and out, who never failed to see the magic in the world...yes there was fairies at the bottom of her garden. She never failed to inspire with  fairy stories and spotting faces in trees and clouds, she never seemed old.

I'm heartbroken but thinking of how much she was my stitching inspiration. I learnt cross stitch at her knee and some of the earliest samplers I have I stitched with her help.

The smaller one is still on the wall. She always proudly displayed any of the family's crafting in the dining room

I can't imagine not having her about to show my latest endeavour to and talk stitching. It was sad seeing the house today with things like her hat on the side as though she'd only just set it down.

But I do know there's one beautiful angel stitching in heaven.

keep stitching...