Sunday, 15 April 2012

rocketing rotations and stash enhancement

I've had a productive few days and have completed a rotation in record time!! So Motherly Devotion is flying along.

This is where I had left it last time.

And here's where I am up to now..
Looking gorgeous isn't it. It totally stitches like a dream no wonder the 10 hours have flown by. I really don't feel bad moving on with the next rotation this time and never know I might add another item to it taking it up to 4 but we'll see. It'll be hard to stick to all the stuff I started in January or WIPs but I'm going to try.

It was my birthday on Friday, turned 29 yikes next stop 30!!!!

 I have already got a few stash items and am tempted with birthday money to buy some more stuff but I do have a lot already so we'll see. I know I'm sure to cave lol.
I finally got round to getting my plastic snap frame.
Which I don't know why I didn't do sooner the tension on it is amazing. I mean like wow amazing. I was raving so much my stitching friend bought one there and then on her iphone while we were out for coffee lol. I also got this Lavender and Lace chart 'in the arms of an angel' I'm really tempted to get all the stuff in to do this one but if I do I'll want to start it for sure.

The trouble I have is that my 2 hobbies cross stitch and reading are easy to buy stuff but take hours to get through. I then try and hold off getting stuff but in the end sit with the money unspent till I go what the hell all I really want is threads and books lol.

My folks have also gifted me a kit for my stash
So cute and it was given with I know you have loads but... lol My mam had also made me a cool pin cushion
Its a patchwork cactus how funny is that. Only Vincent had a tantrum cos he wanted it errr don't think so it's full of pins! So it'll have to go out of the way for now.

I also got this from Hubby and DS as I found a local shop which does customisable pottery rosebudceramics but the woman who runs it has started to do personalised silver jewellery.
Its Vincent's finger print in silver how awesome is that and has his name engraved on the back. It's such a nice keepsake and its even nicer to support local crafts as well.

I also found out that baby 2 is another boy :D over the moon Vincent will have a little brother to play with.

Well its back to the grind with work tomorrow.

Keep stitching...


  1. I love seeing the before and after on your progress! Looks awesome :) Happy belated!

    Ps : I love lavender and lace designs! I'm actually doing one of their patterns right now.

    Happy stitching

  2. What great progress! Love your necklace too, how very special!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love everything in your post - your progress is GORGEOUS (just LOVE this rotation system! LOVE LOVE LOVE), the cactus pincushion is evoking feelings of jealousy (I might throw a tantrum, too), and the necklace is just the loveliest idea ever. If I ever have children I know that that's something I would definitely love to have. Congratulations on another boy! That's going to be such a handful!

  4. I love my Q snaps, and have three set's which I interchange to make the right sized frames, they hold great and you hold the plastic sleeve not your canvas. Happy birthday xx

  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Emma!!!! Motherly Devotion is coming along so nicely and I LOL'ed at the pincushion your mom made you. Too cute!!!

  6. happy birthday :D Great progress and a lovely set of gifts :D