Saturday, 5 May 2012

My name is Emma and I'm a Xstitch addict...

Where to start - I've a rotation update, stash buying (yep I caved) frogging and plans!!! maybe grab a cuppa and we'll have a natter.

Firstly I have gave in and got the all the stuff for the Lavender and Lace In the arms of an Angel that I purchased the other month along with other bits.

Looks a lovely palette of threads can't wait to get onto this one but it'll have to be stashed for now.

I also got the afghan for the baby that I got myself all over exited to get and start on.

It's awesome and I'll be adding this into rotation ASAP lol I just can't help myself and keep kicking myself thinking if only I hadn't started all them projects for crazy January but I did and it's May and I've been distracted by other projects lol. Not bad going really at least this is what I'm telling myself - I have 3/15 finished and another 2 in my current rotation. I might need to get looking into scheduling for this stuff I'm not going to write it off just yet still a while to go.

I've been looking at stitching some Margaret Sherry animals from the Cross Stitcher magazine on it. I think they are super cute for a baby but would be still something that you'd hopefully want to keep when older rather than it being really babyish. Only thing is I need to find a conversion for Anchor to DMC I only keep DMC in and I only switch brands when I have kits. Then its selecting which animals I want on it.

I have a few already picked out
  •  tortoise - current bumps nickname
  •  frog Vincent's nickname when he was a bump and now all the family buy him all manner of frog themed things oops think he'll not be impressed when he's older.
  • Jungle animals off a room name plate
but think I'll need more to fill the blanket.

This also randomly snook into my basket
Hee hee how'd that get in there :) but its so cute and I've always wanted to try a biscornu again its off to the stash pile.

I have finished the rotation for Motherly devotion. So here's where it was up to last:

And after its 10 hours:

Ooooo so in love with this one. Loving the texture its building up and the colours are wonderful. Think it'll look great with Father Christmas. Can't believe how fast it sewing up either I hadn't thought I really done loads this time but when I went back to look at the last picture I was pleasantly surprised.

I finished the 10 hours last night and still had some time before bed so have made a start on some frogging on Tapestry Cat but this is going slow and I keep having flashes of just bodging it but then I get confused looking at where it is out - I mean I know where it starts to go out but if I was to pick a fudge point I get muddled as to where it would work out. Which at least gives me the strength to keep frogging as if I get confused every time I pick it up, I'm going to totally be better off with taking it back to the origin of the muck up. ~sigh~ and suck it up~ I think I might do a little more and then get my Margaret Sherry stuff in order for the blanket.

Seen as its bank holiday weekend I'm hoping to get some extra stitching done as well as having a bit of a spring clean/ more baby proofing for an increasingly inquisitive toddler. A nice bonus from having a few really hectic weeks at work - hoping it calms down when I go back but think it'll get worse until OFSTED has been.

Hope everyone else has a productive bank holiday

Keep stitching.....


  1. Great progress Emma. Congrats on the new stash.


  2. You made a lot of progress! Lovely new stash also! It's not fair we have to choose which projects we work on:-) Sure would wish sometimes stitchers had an extra pair of hands, to double the pleasure of starting new things! happy sunday

  3. You have much in stash!
    I like all your projects, good luck with them!

  4. Pictures of new stash makes me excited even though they don't belong to me. LOL! Motherly Devotion looks awesome.


  5. gorgeous stitching and great stash.

  6. Sorry if I double-commented - something happened after my last comment and things mysteriously disappeared. So just in case my last comment got deleted, I love your stash, all those colors look delicious! You got TONS done on your 10 hour rotation - flaming needles!