Friday, 4 July 2014

Rotation progress aplenty

As promised, I'm back with more updates. This time I'm going to focus on my rotation pieces. I have five spaces in my rotation so these are the on going projects and  I will leave the newer projects in the rotation for another update.

Firstly Kingfisher in flight as I last showed it:
Then I have the following progress.

I got a page finished and a good start on the next one. It's just coming along nicely.

Next Starry Night. I went from this:

To this:

This was a struggle, I really wanted to just put it to one side and  leave it but after talking to a few people online I decided to carry on and at least try to do a little bit. I came out of stitch and  park I think it was taking the flow out of it. And I have been pleased to have managed to progress This  far:

This last rotation on it I actually started to enjoy it a bit better and someone did point out that once I finish this page I will be halfway. That kinda sounds  great!

Then there is Spirit of the Season as it was before:

And the following progress:

I keep thinking oooo I'm nearly there but I look again and there is still a ton to do. This maybe explains why my younger self consigned it to UFO standing. I am enjoying it and looking forward to actually getting there lol

Plenty more still to come.

Keep stitching

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lost in stitches

I know! I know! I have been terrible for getting round to updating my blog.

Partially because of laziness, partially looking after my crazy tots, partially broadband problems and partially it then just became a mammoth task.

I have it all worked out now and it's going to come in sections to get back up to speed.

Firstly I finished the Love Tree not long after my last post. I rather aptly finished it on Easter day.

It  was a total joy to stitch and grew fast. Bothy Threads have some great kits and they are lovely to use, the colours are fantastic and the designs are fresh and different.

Speaking of which after a recent trip to Manchester my MIL turned up with this

She had liked it and was asking if I'd stitch it for her. She did say I could say no, but that wasn't really and option now was it lol

Coming soon I will get posts sorted for all my minis, stash additions and progress on my rotations.

Keep stitching xxx