Thursday, 19 April 2012

HELP!! Frog or Fudge or F*@x???


After success on my rotations I have hit a huge snag and could do with your advice on what I should do. I'm trying to decide what is going to be best. I have been back on with Tapestry Cat and I got so far round and have found that the border has raised by one block somewhere along the top.
I have discovered this from where I have got to on the fill just above the cat's head. Here's a couple of close ups

On the one above just left of the green that swirl is down by one block from the bit before that. I have counted the green connecting and this is correct. It is the other side that is definitely up by one as I have added another green connecting piece in on top left (see top pic) and this doesn't join by the one block. So I have counted the side and can't for the life of me find where it is out - I'm not kidding I have put hours in on this counting no stitching so frustrating.

Normally in this case I would give up and fudge round it. However this is the border and it needs to be straight!!! My mam reckons to fudge it too due to the leaves distracting from the lowered border. I have thought on that further and that solves the bottom edge but the top would have to have an extra row of beige yellow to bring it into line.

So this leaves frogging but as I can't find the mistake I don't know where to frog?? And some of this stitching has been in this for years so I'm thinking that it would do more damage than good to frog much.

Any bright ideas guys???? I'm at a loss as to what is the best plan.

Anyway I'll leave you with the good news before I started this I did work on the Christmas tags and in a couple of hours I have finished the last two tags.

So that is the whole of that kit finished yippee!!
Keep stitching and I'll keep scratching my head while I await your comments - only kidding I'll go and find something else to stitch lol


  1. It's so hateful when it happens:-( I had a few of those in the almost fifty years I stitch. What I did in those cases was to put the project away and take it every other week or so. Most of the times I found the mistake after a few months. I know this maybe not much of help, but sometimes you don't see the obvious mistake as you are really looking over it because you're nervous, preoccupied with this project,...
    If you know any other stitchers you might ask them to look into it, because they look with a fresh mind.
    I sure hope you find the problem. I wouldn't worry too much about the frogging. If you used good material, that shouldn't be a problem. It sure is a lovely piece (as are the others)

  2. I agree on setting the project down for a while or giving it to a fresh set of eyes to look at. My thought is that you have to find the error. Only then can you know the total impact of frogging or fudging.

    Then when you find the error... my opinion is......... frog it (sorry). It's just so beautiful. This is a total heirloom and will be around for decades. I am just finishing a piece and it has one error. You have inspired me to take my own advice and fix it.

    Either way it will be beautiful. Good luck and happy stitching!!!


  3. Is your error on the third design from the bottom next to the bottom half of the blue flower? I am counting one more stitch on the left side than the right.

  4. It looks like something that you cannot fudge. I looked at it for a while and couldn't see anyway to fix it. I'm afraid your going to have to frog also.


  5. I'm so sorry that this has happen. It really doesn't look like it's an error that can be fudged. I agree that you should take a break from it. It always helps to look at it with fresh eyes. Hope you'll be able to correct it then.


  6. gorgeous gift tags and I have no clue about your problem but *hugs*