Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I heart small projects

woop woop another finish albeit a small one. I decided to get the necklace kit from red gate stitchery out as I have been dying to get to them.
The kit has everything you need and it was a really easy stitch, which I did know when I bought it but it was more for the unusual materials than the challenge that i wanted it.
It would be a great kit for beginners and the acrylic means that you don't need to think about tension. I focused mostly on keeping the back really neat in case of it spinning round.

So finally the finished piece
Rather cute don't you think. 

I'm back on with a new WIP and then back round with In the Arms of an Angel and Motherly Devotion. I'm gonna add a fourth project in too but I haven't decided which yet.

keep stitching...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

A finish woop woop

I've been flying this week. I thought after having a mishap with some carpet fitting, the piece they brought was too small...grrr... that I haven't had much time for stitching. But I've finished baby hearts sampler.... Yippee
Here it is as of last update:
And now:
Super happy to be finished on time too. I've just got the details to fill in at the bottom. I did do the 13 thought as I'm pretty sure he'll arrive this year lol!
Here's a few close ups for you

Love the colours nice and bold unlike a lot of baby stuff. I was a fun and straight forward stitch no fractionals etc. I liked that I could stitch it in sections makes the stitching go faster I think. I'm thinking maybe stretching it onto a canvas to finish but I'll have to have a look at that after I've finished the details for the new arrival.

I also got my order from Sew and so with my birthday money. I know its just going in the stash but why not.

These are nature study and olde world map. Not best pics due to packets but you get the idea.

Now I've finished baby hearts I'll be back on my rotation which I'm dying to get back to. So I'll have In the Arms of and Angel and Motherly Devotion back out and 2 other projects to have 4 in my rotation but I've yet to have a sort out. So I'm not sure which two yet and which I'm going to put in my box to start on now.
Keep stitching...

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Progress, Pad and Parcel!!!

It's been a while but I've got a good amount of progress and some swag to show you too.
Firstly I was rather excited to see this notepad
It's from Sainsbury's they have a whole range of vintage stitchy inspired stationery in stock at the moment. It's a little bit on the pricey side for what it is but its so pretty and this notepad is fabric covered that I couldn't resist.
I've been making strides on the baby hearts sampler and I nearly completed on the X stitch now!!!
And et voila:
 Super happy!!
I even got to do some stitching in the daylight last Sunday as hubby watched the munchkins for a little bit so I snook off to the bedroom to get some stitches in. I forgot how lovely the real light is for stitching...its been a while.
I've also finally got some stuff from Red gate stitchery on Esty for my (~ahem 30th~) birthday which was last week. They've been on my wish list since I saw them in Cross stitcher magazine in February. I just collected it today as coming from America it was subject to a Royal Mail ransom note (customs and handling boo) but they had warned me of this before sending which was good of them. I couldn't wait to open it so here it is out in the coffee shop. So very happy and can't wait to get stitching.

 I have got other stuff I fancy spending my birthday money on but have yet to finalise the stash enhancements lol. The kids are in bed asleep for now so I've got my stuff spread out and going to settle down to some more stitches.

 Keep stitching.....

Monday, 1 April 2013

There and back again

Happy Easter everyone!

Here's the boys Easter hats for the competition at playgroup. We had great fun making them. Sticking all the things in the flower arranging foam was huge fun to my 2 year old. We made the pinwheels from paper the boys painted and the flowers from tissue and straws, I bought the eggs on sticks from the pound shop and got some Easter stickers. Loved the moment I said to my eldest will you stick this sticker on your brother's pot for him....followed by my eldest nearly sticking the sticker on his younger brother's head!! That's kinda what I said lol too cute.

And yes boys it's the taking part that counts....but yippee we won we won lol!! We got a prize for the larger one which was my eldest's.
Wow the weeks are just flying by. We all got rid of our rotten colds only to replace them now with an even more rotten cold. Oh well we solider on. And what is with this weather, I'd expect Easter to be starting to warm up but instead we have snow and freezing conditions. All the kids Easter activities have been planned with this thing called Spring in mind. Sigh. Last Monday decided to wrap up warm and venture out only to find the event had been cancelled due to the weather. Hoping it warms soon and we can get out to the parks and seaside and the likes.

I've still been working on baby hearts as my new nephew is due in may and seen as my sis in law was in hospital with a false alarm the other day so I'd best get a wriggle on!!!!

Today we sent the boys to grandma's and settled down to finally watch the Hobbit. Being a childhood favourite and probably the source of my love of fantasy novels I was really excited to see it but having not had the chance with the little ones so we watched it at home and this meant a couple of uninterrupted hours of stitching....in the daylight! I'd forgotten how lovely it is to stitch in sunshine seen as I have to wait till little fingers are in bed nowadays.

Here was last time:
And now:

I've got the top heart done and just need to finish the bow and background. The stripes meant there was a lot of white on white stitching to do. Which was slow going as white on white is soooooo boring lol.

I got really excited to get to stitch this months free kit from cross stitcher magazine

but I'm staying focused on what I'm doing as like I say I need this to be in the bag finished ready just to add the name etc. I have to say though having been a one at a timer before I started this blog. I am finding the staying focused on this project a bit hard and I really crave the swapping over.

So I guess I'm officially no longer a one at a time stitcher.

Keep stitching and eating chocolate :)