Friday, 20 April 2012

Found it!!! ~sob~sob~sob~

Thanks for all your comments and support. Having spent some more time scratching my head and counting. I have now found the error or at least the main one there must be another somewhere to make the problem area at the top.

Thanks Chris for pointing me in the direction of the blue flowers.

There should be a block between the point of the blue flower petal and the little pink flower on the inside. So the border on the right must have another mistake so that it is correct at the top where as the left side is correct so is one extra at the top.

So it looks like frogging the whole of the outer border and bottom flowers. I did think that frogging was going to happen on this just wish it wasnt so much!!!

Only other thing is to find the mistake in the right border and correct to make the border right and loose the extra in the flowers which isn't as bad as a wonky border.

Still going to set it to one side for a bit. At least now I have an idea of what is wrong. Not a happy bunny.

Keep stitching...sob


  1. I wish you the courage and strength you need to do the frogging... don't you just hate it when mistakes slip into your work :(

  2. OH NO! I was wondering what you meant when you left that comment on my blog, read your previous post and now this one and OH NO! So sorry that you have to frog all that - but at least it'll be right and won't be bugging you anymore! And maybe do it a little bit at a time so you're not frogging for an extended period of time.

  3. Oh Emma. I am so sorry you have to frog so much. But what a stunning piece it is and will be when done. Good luck with the frogging.