Sunday, 22 April 2012


Here's my TUSAL jar kind of a jumble of colours from everything lol. I think I'll empty it so I can at least see some progress for all my frogging lol.

I'm totally shattered after taking my new little walker out on his reins to the local museum yesterday - I was in search of a rainy day activity. He loved it and ran all over and thought all the touchy things they had were great too. But I'm aching the back of my legs feel like I've done a work out. And guess what he doesn't think he should have to go back in the pushchair ever now, even though we'd never get anywhere and I'd be on the bottom. Sigh lol

Keep stitching...


  1. I love the different colors! Now as to frogging, I keep wondering why I have so little in my jar with all the frogging I had to do lately:-)

  2. Oh children... They'll definitely keep you on your toes! Chin up, your TUSAL jar looks great :)