Friday, 27 September 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

To show support for Cathey. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!

This community hug has been organised by daffycat (check out the link) to show or support for you Cathey at this difficult time for you. I have 2 little ones under 3 and I seriously can't imagine how hard it is for you. Keep your fighting spirit and hang on too every moment. Toddler's certainly know to live in the now...

These are the few pumpkins I have carved the last couple of years.

Check out Cathey' s blog

 stay strong and keep stitching

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Extra time

I've managed a fast turn around on this one, and got up to some extra crafting too. Hubby had some time off for his birthday so we traded time looking after the boys.
Sarah Kay is coming along a treat. I'm loving that some of these are feeling tantalizingly close to finishing.



We had a trip to Tynemouth market. I didn't get anything but seeing all the stalls with stitching stuff and craft produce gave me plenty of stitchspiration.

I got a bit time to get the sewing machine out while hubby took the boys to play group. It's hard getting time as I don't have anywhere other than the dining table to put the machine, so I can only have it out when the sticky fingers are out.

I've got good progress on the memory angels. I'm pretty much up to hand finishing now.
I had forgot how much fun the roses were to stitch. But did make me think grandma would have loved to be stitching them too.

Today I baked cakes with the boys, for playgroup Macmillan coffee morning. They are definitely better at baking than me.

Keep stitching...

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thimble Fairy and more

I'll start with the mini kits that I have finished this week. It's been quite fun to get them slotted in for a few quick finishes.
So here's the gorgeous cover kit from World of Cross Stitching. I don't normally get this magazine but lately it's been tempting me.
I loved the sketchy style of this one. I'm not sure if the back stitch on the eye needs to be a darker colour. I don't think it stands out much. What do you think?
This one is a mini kit I picked up from hobby craft a little while back.
It's turned out rather nice.
I've been making a huge effort with my xxxstitching facebook page and been posting more daily updates on there. Check out the link I've put on the right. It's been quite fun and seems to have made blogging a bit easier too as all the photos are already sorted. Especially since I got a collage app for my phone. Loving the things I'm doing with them hence the recent changes to picture format. Here's one of my current projects in rotation.

Thimble Fairy has been coming along nicely apart from running out of metallic thread. I went off the list of required materials when I got the chart from Sew and so but I guess they hadn't seen how much this uses. Hopefully I can pick some up before I next get round to it.

So the progress. Here it was before:
And now:

Shes really coming along and looking totally beautiful in all those hand dyed colours. Really got stitchy bug bad at the moment. So I'm off to satisfy it. I almost didn't want to tear myself away to update!!!

Keep stitching...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Finishing Frenzy

It's a bit of a stitch extravaganza this week. The nights are drawing in and the autumn chill has arrived, perfect for snuggling up with some sewing. WIth the start of the new school term, all the playgroups start back as well so we've been back on our routine which is nice.

I did another ten hours on motherly devotion as it's certainly coming near to completion. I'veI'd got goosebumps just thinking about it!
last week:
And now:
Only two more doves to add and then metallic areas like the dress trim and halos to complete the cross stitch. Then a mountain of back stitch outlining to finish it off.

Since moving the cot out of our room, I can now get into my stash boxes properly. My stash is mostly stored under the bed. How do you store yours?
I loved going through all the kits and charts, can't wait to get round to stitching them all. 

I've got a couple of little finishes to show. I finished this tulips mini kit. And had the perfect aperture card from the stuff I got from grandma's stash to finish it off. I will just have to remember it's there for when I need a card along with a ton of Christmas tags that I'll have to remember for this year.

I also finished the red gate stitchery leather bracelet.

It looks great and now I have some stitching to wear. 

I'm planning on carrying on with thimble fairy rotation next so hopefully I can have as good a stitching week next.

Keep stitching...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Progress and parties

What a week!!!
My youngest turned one....can't believe that's been a year already. I know everyone says that but really it feels crazy fast.
He's going to cake rehab this week, as Henry has managed to have 5 cakes with a candle in. But being a sweet tooth this was right up his street.
We gave him a cupcake the night before his birthday, as I was wanting some pictures with him covered in icing and he didn't disappoint. He then had an amazing cake from my sister on his actual birthday day, she works in a bakery, its the white one with the photo. We then had a little party again the next day with the in laws and then the playgroup I set up got him a cake and cake again at his party with his friends.
We went along to a carboot sale today and I found this.
Its been started but looks like there is still most of the stuff there and the frame came with it. All for only £2.
Motherly devotion is coming along a treat too.

I think I'm going to keep this one on for another rotation as I feel like its getting tantalisingly close to finishing.

My sister has been recently starting to make cards. When we were younger she didn't have the patience to sit and do crafts, she was more of the bouncy tigger type. I've been mighty impressed with her recent efforts and not least Henrys birthday card.

She'd made this from bits from Grandma's stash. Speaking of Grandma's stash Gramps dropped off another box of Cross stitch stuff for me
Mostly charts from magazines and booklets, but all amazing to be able to add to my stash.

And inspired by the home made banners Grandma used to have for us all for our birthday parties. Me and the boys made Henry one.
Henry actually did some of the scribbling himself which is probably the first time I have got him to do that rather than just trying to eat the crayons!

Keep stitching....