Friday, 30 March 2012

Al fresco stitching

Been a busy week this one with the end of term but I have managed to complete the rotation on the Christmas tags. I had hoped to have already moved on to the next project but it just wasn't happening with how busy I was at work oh and Vinnie cut another tooth so has been a struggle to get him down at bedtime. But I'm done for 2 weeks Easter holidays (woop woop) so hoping to fit in some more stitching amongst all the other plans I'm hatching!!

Anyways how lovely is the weather at the moment I'm loving it. Wasn't at the beginning of the week when I was stuck in my office lol. So I have jumped at the chance as soon as I could to do a spot of al fresco stitching.
The little enjoyed playing in the garden too with his sand table. Although at the moment it's mostly trying to stop him eating everything!! We are planning a good garden sort out not that that'll stop him trying to eat sand lol.

I've got another 2 tags finished
The one with the holly I had to trim to less than a block of aida from the design to get it to fit on the tag. It must be wider than all the others as they trim easily to a couple of blocks either side of the design. I'm pretty sure I didn't go off anywhere.

Here are all the ones that I have completed together
I'm going to have some pretty looking Christmas presents this year!

I have made a start on the fifth one as well
So I'm nearly there with complete all 6 in the set. But I'm happy with that I'll get them done on the next go round the rotation.

We also had the Easter party at playgroup yesterday and there was a Easter bonnet competition. We didn't win anything but here's mine and Vinnie's effort
I did do most of it with Vinnie only being 1 he's not really up to much crafts yet. Its a paper plate and some foam cut outs from the pound shop. But I did stick to materials that he could use and help a little with. Some of the parents had clearly spent ages on some of the hats there as they were impressive but quite clearly not touched by a under 3!!

I'm looking at starting my next project in my rotation sometime today. So watch this space.

Keep stitching


  1. I can't wait to be able to stitch outside on my balcony once it comes to nice weather :D

    Your tags are lovely and the easter bonnett is precious!

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  2. Great job on the gift tags. They are really cute. I too, can't wait to sit outside and stitch.


  3. well you nearly finished your ornaments. they do look pretty altough I'm more in an eastern mood myself:-) really curious to see what your next project will be...

  4. Ornies are so cute, Emma, and love your Easter hat effort. :D

  5. Love the Easter hat, I think it's a winner!

  6. Oh my gosh that hat is the cutest thing I've ever seen! It's adorable! I think it should have won!