Sunday, 8 September 2013

Progress and parties

What a week!!!
My youngest turned one....can't believe that's been a year already. I know everyone says that but really it feels crazy fast.
He's going to cake rehab this week, as Henry has managed to have 5 cakes with a candle in. But being a sweet tooth this was right up his street.
We gave him a cupcake the night before his birthday, as I was wanting some pictures with him covered in icing and he didn't disappoint. He then had an amazing cake from my sister on his actual birthday day, she works in a bakery, its the white one with the photo. We then had a little party again the next day with the in laws and then the playgroup I set up got him a cake and cake again at his party with his friends.
We went along to a carboot sale today and I found this.
Its been started but looks like there is still most of the stuff there and the frame came with it. All for only £2.
Motherly devotion is coming along a treat too.

I think I'm going to keep this one on for another rotation as I feel like its getting tantalisingly close to finishing.

My sister has been recently starting to make cards. When we were younger she didn't have the patience to sit and do crafts, she was more of the bouncy tigger type. I've been mighty impressed with her recent efforts and not least Henrys birthday card.

She'd made this from bits from Grandma's stash. Speaking of Grandma's stash Gramps dropped off another box of Cross stitch stuff for me
Mostly charts from magazines and booklets, but all amazing to be able to add to my stash.

And inspired by the home made banners Grandma used to have for us all for our birthday parties. Me and the boys made Henry one.
Henry actually did some of the scribbling himself which is probably the first time I have got him to do that rather than just trying to eat the crayons!

Keep stitching....


  1. Happy Birthday to your little boy! It all goes to quickly:)