Thursday, 26 September 2013

Extra time

I've managed a fast turn around on this one, and got up to some extra crafting too. Hubby had some time off for his birthday so we traded time looking after the boys.
Sarah Kay is coming along a treat. I'm loving that some of these are feeling tantalizingly close to finishing.



We had a trip to Tynemouth market. I didn't get anything but seeing all the stalls with stitching stuff and craft produce gave me plenty of stitchspiration.

I got a bit time to get the sewing machine out while hubby took the boys to play group. It's hard getting time as I don't have anywhere other than the dining table to put the machine, so I can only have it out when the sticky fingers are out.

I've got good progress on the memory angels. I'm pretty much up to hand finishing now.
I had forgot how much fun the roses were to stitch. But did make me think grandma would have loved to be stitching them too.

Today I baked cakes with the boys, for playgroup Macmillan coffee morning. They are definitely better at baking than me.

Keep stitching...


  1. Nice progress. The market looks like a good one:)

  2. Lovely progress and the memory angels look great :)