Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thimble Fairy and more

I'll start with the mini kits that I have finished this week. It's been quite fun to get them slotted in for a few quick finishes.
So here's the gorgeous cover kit from World of Cross Stitching. I don't normally get this magazine but lately it's been tempting me.
I loved the sketchy style of this one. I'm not sure if the back stitch on the eye needs to be a darker colour. I don't think it stands out much. What do you think?
This one is a mini kit I picked up from hobby craft a little while back.
It's turned out rather nice.
I've been making a huge effort with my xxxstitching facebook page and been posting more daily updates on there. Check out the link I've put on the right. It's been quite fun and seems to have made blogging a bit easier too as all the photos are already sorted. Especially since I got a collage app for my phone. Loving the things I'm doing with them hence the recent changes to picture format. Here's one of my current projects in rotation.

Thimble Fairy has been coming along nicely apart from running out of metallic thread. I went off the list of required materials when I got the chart from Sew and so but I guess they hadn't seen how much this uses. Hopefully I can pick some up before I next get round to it.

So the progress. Here it was before:
And now:

Shes really coming along and looking totally beautiful in all those hand dyed colours. Really got stitchy bug bad at the moment. So I'm off to satisfy it. I almost didn't want to tear myself away to update!!!

Keep stitching...

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