Saturday, 17 March 2012

Rotation jitters

Stitching has been coming along nicely and I have completed my 10 hours (give or take the extra sneaky half hour I didn't count) I was really struggling to decide to move on but seen as I took the fabric out of the hoop to picture I decided to take a deep breath and roll it away for something else.

Here's my progress on Motherly Devotion and I'm sure you will all see why I'm loathed to put it down.
It's stitching like a dream too.

We'll just have to see how it all goes with rotating onto something new. I'm hoping it will increase my productivity with all these January crazies lying around. Normally being a one at a timer I'm having nightmares about the orange box

that looms in the corner with all my crazies zip locked in and also Starry Night (which I can't believe is sat there) and Tapestry cat (which is a must to finish this year). It feels like a shameful box of abandoned starts I know I'll get there but I think I rest easier about my stash than all these starts!!

We had a wicked time with Vincent's first birthday he had a great time. Can't believe he's one already and not a baby anymore :( I don't think I was prepared for how emotional I'd find his birthday.

I'm off to hang the washing up outside seen as its a nice day and dries better than when Vince spends all day pulling it off the radiators anyway lol.

Then fingers crossed for some stitching time this afternoon

Keep stitching...


  1. Truth is, I'm a OaaT-er too. I started my crazy 15 and really enjoyed them but now, I'm working my way through them one-at-a-time and am happy with the progress I'm making.

    Motherly Devotion looks lovely, well done.

    Happy Birthday to your little man. It's amazing how fast the years roll around. My "little boy" will be eight in a month and my "baby girl" will be six, five weeks later... I don't know where the time has gone!

  2. I really love your motherly devotion, it is wonderful...

  3. Hello

    Motherly Devotion looks beautiful. Hope you enjoy some stitching this afternoon.

  4. I love the progress you've made on Motherly Love and you think it's emotional when the your babies turn one... just wait for that first day of school or that first time they drive away alone, or when they're old enough to move out or go to college. The worst is when you look up and your baby is 26 yrs old. Where did my baby go? No where she still lives here in my future craft room. LOL

  5. Your stitching looks great. My baby started school this year and I'm still wondering how 5 years goes so fast.

  6. Wow! Your needles sure have been smoking. Motherly Devotion looks fab.


  7. Motherly is coming along beautifully, Emma. :D