Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring Xmas stitching and TUSAL

Loving the fact that spring has sprung! The sun is shining - great light for stitching :)

Well I've been sticking to my rotation although I nearly caved last night at picking up Motherly Devotion but after last night things are going well and I'm going to keep going a little longer. I have still a few hours to do on this one but I'm used to fitting in a weekly post so I'm just going to stick with that rather than wait till I'm done.

I've set myself this one then something else and then I can go back to Motherly Devotion. This means its not so long and I get back to the beginning of the cycle. I can build on that then if it starts to work for me.

So I've been working on Christmas tags from Cross stitcher magazine. I know funny right stitching Christmas when its nearly Easter but that's just the way it goes lol.I spent most of the summer last year stitching Father Christmas so why not!!!

Any way I have finished 2 completely

and I have one in progress
There are 6 in the set so going well. Think that they are coming together lovely. I see to have lost the red thread that was in the kit. I know there was some more it probably stuck to my butt and dropped off somewhere lol oh the times that has happened! Hopefully its a colour I have in the stash if it doesn't turn up!

Here's my TUSAL post think I have forgot the last few times. Doesn't look much for the amount of stitching but maybe that's a good thing not too many frogs and less wastage lol. I have took the picture with my lovely books I started collecting some of my favourites in nice hardback editions and they look rather smart on my book shelf.

Keep stitching...


  1. Super cute ornies, Emma. :D

  2. Beautiful stitching and I can't wait to see more progress on Motherly Devotion.

  3. Lovely stitching, Emma. The Christmas tags are beautiful.


  4. Hey I'm back again this time to pass on the Liebster Award to you. If you visit my new post you can see what it's all about.