Friday, 9 March 2012

Progress, WIPocalypse and plans oh my!

I've been plugging away at things nicely. I've maybe not had as much time this week as last but I've been on sorting my son's stuff for his party tomorrow and his birthday on Tuesday. I can't believe my little boy is going to be 1 year old - I even got proper choked up buying him his first birthday card!

I've also been thinking - influenced by other blogs about trying to start a rotation otherwise I think that I'm going to drowned in this pile of Crazy January starts and not even get to anything I set out for WIPocalypse both of which I started to help increase productivity not hinder lol.

So I started Thursday - I'll still work with Motherly Devotion then I'm going to see if I can tear myself away and I think next I will pick up one off my WIPocalypse list either Starry Night or Tapestry Cat which has been a UFO that was never meant to be and has been lurking for too many years now.

Anyway here's this weeks progress on Motherly Devotion
Yipee some colours!!! Baby Jesus is complete bar his halo but I prefer to do the Kreinik at the end of the X stitch. I think once the collar and cuffs are done I'm going to do Mary's head. Then I'll have probably switched project provided I don't get cold feet lol.

I've also managed to sort getting into blogger on my mobile which means I can keep up to date with everyone's blogs better as most of the time I don't get much chance to get near the laptop - hubby hogs it all evening lol! Only thing is it doesn't seem to let me comment so I'll have to just do those as I manage to snag some computer time.

Well I've got a busy few days coming up starting with getting off here and tidying up Vincent has got Nanna, Grandpa and Auntie Lottie (my folks) coming to visit today!! Which kicks off his birthday celebrations, party tomorrow, then we're thinking of taking him to the local sealife centre on Sunday cos I'm at work on his birthday day boo. But hubby took the day off so I'm sure they'll find something to get up to. So I'll be on a squeeze to fit in some lovely XX's but I'm sure in my current stitchy zone I'll make some time!

Have a lovely week.

Keep stitching


  1. Happy birthday to your little one! Your stitching looks wonderful, too.

    I found that it's hard to tear yourself away from the stitching at first, but if you don't look at it as a rigid "must do or else" it helps (me, anyway). If I'm busy beading or if I'm about to finish a page - I just go ahead and go to the end - but if it's just stitching then it's easier for me to tear myself away.

  2. Emma, Happy Birthday to your little boy!! :D

    You've gotten a lot done on Motherly Love since the last update. It's looking great. :D