Saturday, 26 November 2011

TUSAL and naughty felines

I've signed up for next year's TUSAL but I'm getting into good habits so here is this month's
I only started it on the 1st so not bad going. It's not very colourful it's full of black mostly from backstitch and the start of the Starry night. My cat Dot is here 'helping' as she has been all day. She has ran off with threads, sat on my stitching and just generally made a nuisance of herself today. Love her to bits though.

I've also finished the X stitch for another of the christmas houses so just one more to do then I'm on with making them up.

While out shopping I saw the cutest advent calendar, it was a garland with 25 little stockings hung along it with the numbers on, so you could put your own little gifts in them. It was one of those moments I looked and thought I can make one of those but as the hubby pointed out its only 4 days till December. Not that that stops me with madcap spur of the moment projects normally lol.

Actually enjoyed being back at work for the half days but did miss my little man like crazy. Sure Monday will be the big test as I'm in whole days from then.

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  1. Perfect heart you stitched there, Emma. :D Dot is such a beautiful cat an the perfect companion to your first TUSAL post. :D