Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Festive Frenzy

Progress is going slow but steady on the Starry Night, I'm just working on the first page of four. I've had a busy week of stitching distractions.

I'm just starting back work after my maternity leave just doing a couple of half days this week to get back in the swing of things and then back proper next week. So that's gonna be a shock to the system I'm sure!

The other thing that is consuming my time is my DS has decided that crawling wasn't very exciting and is now pulling himself up to stand as well. I'm super proud of course but this comes with alsorts of new challenges especially bumps as he seems to think that he can just get up and walk off!! So nothing is safe now and I'm working on using those eyes in the back of my head lol!

I'm also getting distracted drooling over stitching stuff I want Santa to bring for me. It's a hard balance between getting charts and the stuff to complete them. So I've been looking at all my wish lists and had my threads out to start working out what I need to complete what. I have already ordered HAED Middle Earth which I was totally tempted to get thanks Ewa ( It'll go quite nicely with the anniversary editions of LOTR and The Hobbit that should also be in the big man's sack to go under my tree this year.

I'm totally in love with these little things too. I keep finding myself looking at the web page for ages!
Crimson Hearts and Silver Bells

I saw them in a magazine, there's a full range of different designs and they are just the cutest. It's just a question of what order the list goes in and how the numbers crunch to what I'm ordering lol.

So excited for Christmas it's unreal!! Can't wait to take my DS to see Santa!!

Keep Stitching...


  1. Starry Night looks so cool!! Hope you're enjoying going back to work.

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