Thursday, 1 December 2011

Riolis Rescue Yippeee!!!!

I can't express how happy I am. After many days of getting annoyed with tangling threads on my Riolis Starry Night kit I'm currently on with - problem solved!! I got so annoyed the other day I checked out their website and filled in their feedback form saying how I was loving the kit but the constant tangles were causing me so much bother. And they replied the very next day!!!!!
Good Day!
Thank you for your letter and kind words!
You don't have to wind the bundles onto bubbins, probably that's the reason your threads tangle so much. We recommend to unwind the bundle till it's made a full circle, then cut the circle in half, and you will have a bunch of threads approximately 1 m. long - perfect for stitching! Fold a thread in half and it's ready to go.
Please don't be worried about the amount of threads in the kit. As a rule we provide extra threads (+40%) just to be on a safe side. But if you face any problems, please feel free to write to us, we will gladly send you more threads.

What stella customer service! I have to admit I've been shaking my head thinking why did I not think of that but problem solved. Means less time untangling and more time stitching yippee!!

So here's my progress from last week.

There's also a bit on their website about why they use wools why use wool

So all in all I'm much happier with my Riolis kit now!

Keep Stitching...


  1. I shall take a look!
    Your work is beautiful!

  2. I am doing the same cross stitch kit! :) what you have said here had really helped me. I was doing mine using single thread so I'm glad that I could look at your photo and see that I have indeed not ben doubling up the thread. Spent most of the day undoing mine! But it will look bettrr for it in the end. I have also started in the same place as you :) I'm 24 so we are not far off in age :)

  3. I am half way through a riolis counted cross stitch, I have run out of one coloured thread, does any one know where to purchase extra thread