Sunday, 6 November 2011

Watching my Mr Small become Mr Tall...

Well today's been an exciting day of finishing!! So I've got a blog full of pics

Last night I finished the backstitch on the Mr Men Height Chart.

I'm really pleased with it and the characters look so cute. Here's a closer look at them all...

My husband always asks what Mr Tickle is doing to Mr Happy....I just shake my head lol

So today I have had the sewing machine out and backed it; I added an eyelet at the top (well the hubby did the hammering) so all that needs sorting is it hanging in my son's room. Then I can watch my Mr Small become a Mr Tall!!

It would have nice for the kit to have come with at least a suggestion on finishing it. But apart from that was a wonderful stitch and I just adore the bold colours.

In having all this on the go today, means that I have a good stash rummage especially in my favourite two boxes.
The top one being my finishings/ sewing machine type stuff and the bottom one is my beloved boxes of DMC cottons all organised and various bits of fabric ready for what ever the mood takes me. My mother started me out with the first one of the thread boxes and I have added and added to it over the years.

However I have found I have a massive amount of kits still piled in another box. Dunno how I'm going to ever find the time to complete them all and know that there will be more getting added with Christmas just around the corner!!! But it's too hard to resist asking Santa to add to the stash.

This isn't counting any UFO's, small freebie kits from magazine's and other charts I have ear marked,

 I know that I'm going to stitch the Van Gogh- Starry Night next. Love the design but it's from a manufacturer I haven't used before so we'll see how it goes.

Maybe I'll have a think and set myself some challenge for the new year? Any ideas for maximising productivity?

Keep stitching...


  1. Great finish!
    I am not so in love with Riolis...i find the fabric to wide.
    Mmm, a challenge?
    Just start 3 kits and work on them every week!
    so you can switch and finish all of them!

  2. Hello, I love this height chart. I have been looking everywhere for it but it seems to be discontinued. Any chance I could buy or borrow your chart if you still have it ?! Many thanks Delphine