Wednesday, 16 November 2011

True love and tangled threads

I have made decent progress on stuff this week considering that I haven't done much the last couple of days as I have been away for my sister's wedding.

Here's the sampler I stitched for it, I did this at the beginning of the year to make sure I definitely had it done with not knowing how much time I would have to stitch with my son arriving in March.

I let my sister pick which kit she wanted as I had asked if she wanted a sampler. Sometimes I worry if people get sick of stitchy gifts. She's a huge Tatty Ted fan so this is one she picked. It was a pretty easy stitch (only took a week to complete) but is very cute and I'm sure it'll look great in their home.

I have made a start on my small project. It the freebie kit from Crossstitcher magazine 244 the little Christmas houses. I'd been dying to do them when they came but I decided to be focused and get other stuff finished first. I've stitched the cross stitch for the first one. So got 2 more to do and then make them up.

Progress is coming along nicely on Starry Night despite a few initial grumbles with the Riolis kit.

Even though its only 2 colours I'm loving the vividness of it so far. And it seems to be stitching up well as the chart is easy to follow.

When I first opened the kit I wasn't impressed with the thread being more wool than cotton. These were all in little bundles as well with just a shade card.
I ended up with a right tangle situation with the first bundle I used, spent nearly a whole day trying to untangle and I still haven't done it. I tried to wind another one onto a bobbin card that I use for my DMC cottons but that got tangled too. I was nearly cursing the whole kit and chucking it in a corner; when my DH gave me a hand so we sat side by side on the sofa watching TV with my DH with his hands out front with the loop of wool over his hands while I wound it onto the bobbin giggling at the sight of us. But ah that's true love!!

Seen as I'm still full of cold along with my DS and DH I think I'm gonna cosy up on the sofa and get stuck back in after my little break.

Keep stitching...sniff sniff

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  1. O yes...i have a kit of riolis too, and i am not pleased with the wool,hope you can make your Van Gogh....