Friday, 28 October 2011


Well I haven't really had chance to sit down with the needle for a little while but I'm planning on settling down to some tonight with a scary movie. I have however been up to a few other Seasonal craft activities. I'm always off on little side projects but I always come back to those lovely little XXX's. So meet Frankenkin

I've carved a pumpkin for a few years now. Cos its fun and I get to make pumpkin pie yummy!

I've also made a pom pom/ pipe cleaner bat and spider mobile which my mother in law turned up with for my son but he's too little so of course I had to make it up for him lol.

Only the glue in the kit wouldn't fix anything, good job I'm a crafter so I grabbed my tub of Copydex that will stick all manner of craft materials. It was always what my grandma used and I would agree is a must for all craft boxes - that and double sided sticky tape.

Have a happy Halloween

Keep stitching


  1. I love your halloween projects! Good Job :)

  2. What a cute pumpkin!! and the spider mobile is adorable. :)