Monday, 17 October 2011


I have been a cross stitch addict for about 22 years pretty much as long as I can remember. My earliest pieces I did on Sunday afternoon's at my grandma's. These were mostly samplers on larger count fabric,
This one, which is the earliest I still have aged 6, is stuffed away in a cupboard of my mother's I managed to get a snap of it but have yet to rescue it.
This one however has a prized place on my grandmother's wall along with just about everyone else in the family's stitching and craftings that she has been gifted over the years.

So from an early age I have had a huge passion for all things crafty but the cross stitch is my main stay. I just wish that the days were longer sometimes!!!

I'm currently working on a Mr Men height chart for my son's nursery and a Christmas Bauble for his 1st Christmas. I tend to have at least a large project and a small one on the go.

The Mr Men height chart is so far a pretty straight forward stitch as each Mr Man is a self contained small cross stitch so I'm working on them one by one. The only hinderence I have at the moment is my Stitchmaster stand has died, think I've only had it a couple of years as well so not impressed. It's listing really badly and the middle post won't tighten up. So this means that I'm stitching with a 26 inch Elbesse easy clip frame balanced on my lap!! So I'm torn between trying to see if the floor stand can be bodge back to working order or smashing it into pieces in fustration.

The Bauble is from a lovely book I got from a craft shop in York, 'Decorations to Dazzle' by Sue Schofield.

It uses polystrene balls which you then score and cover with fabric. I nearly didn't get the book as the last thing I needed was a new craft to learn, having a large stash to stitch etc. and I always go back to my cross stitch. However, the bauble that has circular pieces I thought was perfect for adding some cross stitch to. So I was glad I picked it up and now I'm stitching one for my son's 1st Christmas.

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