Thursday, 20 October 2011

So far....

I haven't really had much chance to sit down with the needle and thread for a little while not easy finding the time with a 7 month old baby. Not that I'm complaining of course just its an addiction and I find my fingers twitching when I haven't had some cross stitch time lol.

Here's where I'm up to with the Mr Men Height Chart:
Still got about another four Mr Men to add and a ton of backstitch but it seems to be coming along pretty fast so hopefully you'll get a completed picture soon!!

I'm still on with the bauble for my son as well. It's very nearly complete

The first side I have stitched name and date onto some silk. I did this by writing it on with a pencil and stitching over the top. I used some scrap fabric I had in my stash for the background pieces I think its scraps off one of my dad's waistcoats. I think I get funny looks when I collect up wastage from other people's projects but I know one day I know I'll find a use for it. I have quite a few tubs under the bed of all the bits and bobs I have collected up over the years. I get this from my grandma, she used to have a cupboard full of stuff and always put all sorts in her bag in case we could use them for 'crafty' later even the empty milk pots you get with your coffee in cafes. She wasn't wrong though they made many hats for Barbie!

These are the completed sides of cross stitch I think they are looking rather good. I got the motifs from an old book '101 Christmas minis book 2' by Holly DeFount. I inherited this from my mother, who no longer cross stitches. I've had it on my shelf for many years now and who knew they are the perfect size for these baubles. It was just meant to be! I have the last side still to do and then there is just the trim to put on to cover the joins.

Well I'm off now to get on with one of these while my son is still napping :)

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  1. I love the mister man chart!
    It is nice and colourful.