Thursday, 20 October 2011

Disaster strikes


I've just somehow managed to spill an entire cup of coffee over my work basket!! Could have cried and am now hanging my head in shame at the whole debacle.

Luckily the Mr Men kit was on the sofa as I'd lifted it out earlier phew!

The bauble only got minimal splashing as I dived for it first. But the silk panel I think is going to have to be completely coffee stained so it matches rather than having a discoloured edge, cos there is no way I'm gonna get it out without making it worse off the silk.

Once I got to the bottom I've been lucky and there is a couple of magazines soaked, my little book of stitch wishes, a bit of fabric, and some threads which are now drying on the radiator.

The only thing of note is the final panel of the bauble but I had only just started it so hopefully I have a bit more fabric and that can be replaced.

So calm is now restored and I think I'll be getting my next cuppa in a lidded beaker lol


  1. Oh Noooooooo!!!


    Every stitcher's nightmare.

    Thank goodness your Mr Men wasn't in there.

    Good luck in your salvage efforts.

    ...and woo hoo! I'm your first follower :D How exciting. I've never been a "first follower" before. Blog's looking good. Looking forward to watching your stitching progress.

    Stitchin' Addiction

  2. I think I've just about calmed down now. Hoping to avoid any further coffee related disasters in the future!! Woop Woop my first follower thanks!! Will be sure to check out your blog too!

  3. What a disaster!!
    I hope your work is saved and clean by this time...