Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Progress at last Joan Elliot UFO

Things have calmed after last weeks stash gremlin. I managed to find the DMC colour match for the missing green after some rummaging. So I was able to continue on with the Spirit of the Season.
Here it was as when I rescued it out of UFO orbit:
And now:

Not bad restart. I do like the colours and I do always find Joan Elliot's designs are a pleasure to stitch. I have no idea why it was UFO. But then again I'm sure no one ever really intends on making UFOs, they just happen right.
I also finished on another one of the reindeer cards so that only leaves one left to finish and that's another one finished from my pile of free cover kits.

I have found a new lease of life for these minis for during the day as they are a nice small size to keep in check while small fingers are about. Although it is a bit hard when the dinosaur takes a fancy to your threads and sits on your chart.

 Keep stitching...


  1. Great progress on the Joan Elliott piece Emma. I love those little deer. They are so cute. Congrats on the finish.


  2. Great progress on the Joan Elliot, and so happy you found a match. The reindeer is so cute and I must confess I love the "hairy" dyno eheheh :)