Saturday, 8 February 2014

Double progress report: In the arms of an angel and Starry Night

I seem to have been meaning to update my blog for too long I now have two rotations worth to show.

So here goes.

Firstly I have finished the last of the reindeer cards. So with all three done from the cover kit. I'm chalking that up as a finish.

In the Arms of an Angel has had ten hours so here is the before:


 And Now:

I can't get over how beautiful this is. She has been a pleasure to stitch and I can't wait to get back round to her again. I'm at that goosebumps stage as well thinking that she is starting to get very close to being a finish.
After finishing the reindeer cards. I have started another pack of cover kit cards. There are four in this set so here is the first three finished.

It is pretty annoying how skimpy these kits are on threads though. Magazine said enough materials to stitch the four cards on the pack. I did the bee first then this far of the butterfly before the coral in the kit ran out.

I know they are free so  shouldn't grumble but it is very frustrating. I did as you can see have the colour match in the stash. I have checked to see I have the red before I started the strawberry and I do. I did have to sub a few bits on the flower to finish that as well.

I also whipped up this card using a stitched button. I loved doing this and it was super quick stitch. I think I can see more buttons in my future!
And lastly Starry Night. Here it is from before:

And now:

I have done my first full row and a square using the stitch and park. I'm finding it difficult to be disciplined to stick to it and not drift with my colours. But overall it is combating confetti stress and I feel a lot better carrying on with this one. Which is great seen as I was struggling before.
I thought I would start a bit of a stash tour. So here is part 1.
My rotation drawers.
I have everything in zip bags for each project and the tubs of threads. This means that as I finish a stint I have an easy swap around for the next one. A few odds and ends end up in there over time but generally it keeps the current projects nice and to hand.
Next I have a gap in my rotation, where the Thimble Fairy was. I have been deliberating for a while as to what I am going to do next.
I'll leave you to look at my shameful stash pile and see if you can guess. Or you could just pop onto XXXStitching's facebook page as I'm sure I'll not be able to keep it a secret on there.
Keep Stitching...


  1. Wonderful progress Emma. I love all your little finishes.


  2. Wonderful finishes and progress. There are lots of things in your stash so feel free to send them over here if you have too much!

  3. Your making great progress:)