Monday, 13 January 2014

Stashing and finishing

Two things that are music to a stitcher's ear: stashing and finishes!!
I finished the Mill Hill Noel treasured diamond kit.
I have to say it was a total pleasure to stitch. More beading than cross stitch but that was to be expected from Mill Hill. The picture doesn't do the beads justice they have a lovely sheen that will look great with the Christmas lights. I really enjoyed all the beading the instructions in the kit are fantastic, very concise and clear which I think added to the pleasure of stitching it up. I loved that the excess corners of fabric are turned in on the back to complete the diamond which means it is very economical on fabric and was a fun way to fix it together.
I would certainly recommend these kits to anyone.
I also received the rest of my order from Sew and So. The love tree I am really looking forward to stitching!!!

In other stashing, Tesco's were selling bits and bobs on clearance and look what bargains I found.

It's not everyday I stumble across cross stitch kits let alone for £2 each and frames for 75p I couldn't resist for projects or just pictures and pins for 5p,
Last but not least The Thimble Fairy.
And now finished:
She is just beautiful, Love it Love it Love it.
It was a lovely stitch and the beading really finishes it off nicely. I just love the hand dyed colours of the crescent colours threads, they have wonderful variegation to them from being hand dyed so was a nice change to my usual DMC mainstay.
And my final high, She fits in the 75p frames like they were made for her, mount and all.
I was just trying her for size here and need to get the mount board etc out. In trying her though I found that the frames also have a void between the glass and the picture so I don't have to take the glass out the beads fit in the frame. So they were an even better bargain than I thought in the first place!!!!

Keep stitching....


  1. Congrats on the great finishes and new stash Emma.


  2. Dang, Emma, those frames are amazing finds!!!! Finishes look awesome! :D

  3. Fabulous finds there. Lovely finishes, Thimble Fairy looks perfect in that frame.