Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunflower sunlight

I managed to get those extra couple of hours in to complete my rotation on world of Sarah Kay.

And now.
It is progressing nicely but I don't know if it's that with the boys teething and other things meaning that the time was rather broken up meant I haven't got into the flow.

I wasn't sure about the yellow on the sunflowers it's a variegated colour so I think it looks very green and mucky looking which isn't what I want in a sunflower. However it has come across better on the photo, which incidentally was took this morning in the daylight and I only get to stitch mostly after the boys are in bed in electric light. Just shows how much lighting is important. Hubby did say when I showed him the other night it would look better with the back he does listen sometimes when I'm rambling about stitching lol.

Keep stitching...


  1. Great progress Emma. What a pretty design.