Saturday, 29 June 2013

Stitching up a serenade

I've been up to allsorts since my last post so settle in for a catch up.

Firstly I opened my sub of Cross Stitch Collection magazine this morning. So excited to find my stitching featured on the letters page.

I will have an update on my rotation of Sarah Kay very soon as I only have a couple of hours left on that.

I'd had an idea to stitch something out of some of my grandma's clothes since she passed. I got some dresses and a card I that I remember her wearing a lot.

I have made a start on making up some angels and I'm going to dress them in the clothes.

I've only got the bodies cut out ready to assemble after the hubby took the boys out for me to get the sewing machine out this good of him. I've got ones to make for more of the family as well.

 I know my grandma would have loved them. She loved fairies and angels. 

The cardi was a bit trickier I've never really dabbled with knit so much so wasn't sure if I could make anything. My mother is a big pintrest fan and sent me loads ideas. And little did I know what amazing pile of ideas there are out there for upcycling your knitwear. Mother was like I'm off to the charity shops now for jumpers ha ha. You know what grandma would have been stuck right in there too.

Anyway these are the starts I've made.

I did this pen pot for my dad

It's pretty good but the bits I've stitched seem to have stretched compared to the rest of it. Hmm maybe just practise to avoid this.

I also found this pattern on pintrest for mittens.

I've only done the one so far as the machine decided it was jamming the bottom thread and I  decided to have a break break rather than risk ruining anything. But they look pretty cool I do say so myself.

keep stitching...

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