Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pleasing Progress

I've finished another rotation on In the Arms of an Angel and its really starting to come along. The detailing on the Lavender & Lace patterns are to die for.

And now:
I'm totally surprising myself with the progress on these projects since I've been off rotation to finish the baby sampler. The blend of colours is beautiful and It'll look great with the metallic and beading fitted in the gaps.

My chart for this and a few of my others are looking extremely tatty for the constant shifting and storing. What do you all do to keep them nicer and from tearing on the creases?

The more I stitch on the even weaves/ linens the more I'm enjoying them and makes 14 count Aida feel massive. Which incidentally I got given a few bits of my Grandma's and some was the Binca that I learnt to stitch on.

It's 8 bless it looks so big but makes me smile so much thinking of the first stitches I made on my way to being a X stitch addict lol.

The other thing that I was over the moon to have been passed down is her pin cushion.
I remember this forever being on the side somewhere handy and always about and me sitting with it collecting up the pins for grandma. Its so cute and a proper treasure even though chances are it was just something she picked up somewhere inexpensive but to me its priceless. It's in my work basket now and I keep gazing at it with fondness.

I passed on the Baby Hearts Sampler which everyone loved. I got told from my sister in laws mother 'I don't know where you've found the time to do that with your 2 little ones.' Makes me giggle I think I don't get near enough time. I promptly replied I can't not I think I'd be a crabby person if I didn't. Everyone finds a little me time some folks get their hair done or nails, go for a drink with friends etc etc.

Me I'd have a cosy corner with my needle and thread any day.

Keep Stitching....

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  1. Great progress Emma. What a beautiful design.