Saturday, 8 June 2013

motherly devotion update

I seem to be in the zone lately. Another rotation finished on motherly devotion.

And now
Really starting to get there with it. It's a pleasure to stitch loving the shading of the folding the fabric you really notice when you step back.

The state of the chart is not great though. I've got suggestions for photocopying charts or covering them either sticky back plastic, laminate or or plastic wallets. I think I'll be getting some plastic wallets worth a try.

I've finally managed to dig out my thimble collection I've got more than I remember.

And I'm quite excited to start collecting again although looking there's so many it's where to start. I'm gonna make a start on the thimble fairy. I'm not sure whether to add a 5th thing into rotation or not, maybe some small projects.

Keep stitching...

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