Sunday, 24 June 2012

Swords, Sorting and stitching

I have to confess that this week has been a hugely stitchless week. Largely due to this offending article
I haven't been able put it down since I started it last week. I will probably have it finished tonight as well. It has had so many twists and turns I'm in a spin.

The other reasons for not stitching so much are mostly pregnancy moans and that I needed a good sort of my stash as I needed to add new things into rotation.

I have had renewed purpose today and have a good sort
In searching for the threads I needed I have also tidied my boxes up so don't they look pretty
All organised.......all of 5 minutes and my toddler decided to evade daddy and set off to find where mammy had gone to....
and trampled the organised least I took the picture before hand lol

So they have kinda got stuffed back into the box as I didn't have the time to spend reorganising I did however get my bits in order for next pieces to add to the rotation.

So now joining Motherly Devotion I have Felt Christmas Baubles and world of Sarah Kay from my crazy Jan list and the bits out to do the next square on the baby's afghan and I have decided to do the baby a bauble for Christmas like I did for Vincent. I picked up the only large polystyrene ball Hobbycraft had which was a 12cm one but I was sure that was the size Vinnie's was anyway but having got home I have another one already marked and scored up for covering and its a smaller one
Oh well Number 2 will have to have a larger one.

What order they are getting rotated in I have yet to determine but here's to making a start tomorrow.

Keep stitching.....

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