Friday, 6 July 2012

More stitching time please!!!

Well I've had a right week of it hence the tardy update.
To sum it up,
  • I've had a bad cold,
  • Problems with noisy neighbours,
  • A burst heating pipe - which resulted in a day of men lifting floorboards and messing up my house to find where the leak was, which was made all the more stressful by a toddler who wanted to get in the thick of it and had missed his nap due to everything going on, thank god in laws were free to take him out for a bit 
  • OFSTED inspection at work,
  • My son falling and bashing his face/ eye on a wooden toy resulting in trip to A&E to get checked (he's fine just bruised a bit) 
  • Feeling a bit sidelined at work - but guess that's due to me not going to be there soon.
  • Starting to feel my size - and all this muggy heat is not kind to me and my fat belly lol
  • My son fussing due to teething but we still have no new teeth to show for it - he's 16 months and still only has 4 teeth. I think they must be growing from his toes lol
  • Getting side tracked with some reading
Most of which all adding up to make me feel rather miserable and not much stitching time which is probably adding to the melancholy.
I have since my last update managed a measly 7 hours and have made this progress on the baby afghan blanket.
Its the Margaret Sherry Frog from a cross stitcher magazine. The colours are substituted to fit with the DMC colours I had in but its coming along ok. I'm happy with the progress for the time, just not that its took nearly 2 weeks to get the time normally I manage 10 hours in one week.
I'm hopeing to find some more time and put the week behind me and I'll update you when I get the rest of this rotation done. Having said that I've got the new furniture for the boys room coming tomorrow which means a big shuffle round but means I'll be able to get organised for baby number 2 which is super exciting.
At least I've only got 2 more weeks of work then its the summer holidays so that's one less thing to have to deal with and then I'll be on maternity leave. Can't believe how fast this is come around!!!
Anyway hope everyone else is well I've been catching up on blogs as well.


  1. Brrr....sounds lie a very heavy week!
    hope the next shall be better!

  2. What a week - hope you're feeling better. The Margaret Sherry frog is coming along nicely - I do love her designs.

  3. Busy busy! I'm glad you got some stitching time in there, though! The frog already looks adorable :)