Monday, 18 June 2012

Let the Games begin

Hi all for some reason it feels like an eternity since I've posted and caught up on all your blogs but its only been 10 days.

The most exciting thing that I have been up to has been seeing the Olympic Torch pass through our city, this is just 10 mins from my house.
I couldn't miss the chance to see it and take the tot not something you can say you've seen everyday. Just a shame about the drizzly weather there was a big celebration on at one of the parks but we gave it a miss due to the weather. Vinnie wasn't sure at first a bit overwhelmed by the noisy floats giving out freebie bits but he got into it by the time that torch passed and was mega cute waving his flag. I'm looking forward to the Olympics I'm not really that into my sport but there is just something about the occasion that I can't get enough when its on. And of course it's something good to stitch to.

I have completed my 10 hours on Motherly Devotion not in my usual time which accounts for the tardiness in updating.

So here is where I was up to:
And now:

Its still a lovely stitch and I'm loving every minute I spend on it the 10 hours seem to fly by.

I am having a bit of an issue with the chart though. Cross stitch Collection magazine has published this one as a giant pull out chart. Which sounds a good idea at first with the no page turns etc. But with being folded round my magnetic board and in and out of my basket with the rotations it has got rather dog eared.

Just look at it! Sigh! It looks worse folded out as well. So I'm not sure for this size project that the giant chart is such a great idea but what can you do.

I have just been looking at my current rotations and I have Motherly Devotion, then the baby afghan that I have done one square on and then I finished the others so I need to add 2 more projects to the list but first I'll be starting a new square on the afghan but I'm feeling too lazy for stash driving tonight so I think I'll do a sneaky bit extra on Motherly Devotion.

So watch this space for some fresh things in rotation but I should will be picking them from my crazy January list.

Damn it my coffee's gone cold - don't you just hate it when that happens lol

Keep stitching.....


  1. Beautiful work!
    and wow, that is special, to see the olympic torch!
    I thougt that it was a dutch women that was running wit it.
    ( sorry if my english is bad...)

  2. Pretty cool event to be a witness to :)

    Motherly Devotion looks great. Shame about your chart though. Any chance of making a copy of it? This is why I usually stitch from working copies instead of the original.


  3. Great stitching. I.wonder when the torch gets over here.... the giant chart is interesting. I wonder if the chart better stuck on a wall next to your stitching or something!