Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilations and a finish!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely Jubilee extended bank holiday weekend!!! Plenty of stitching time :D
I treat the little man to a balloon for the weekend.

I've been trawling the web, notice boards etc to find all the local events so we have a few bits and bobs planned in. I've already seen a display of replica crown jewels in our local shopping centre- all in glass cases with beefeaters around them. Shame they didn't have one to try on for photos I would have been over the moon with that!

Were off to see what our local railway museum has on (and cos Vinnie is choo choo mad at the moment) and a fair today. Although this morning it has gone rather cloudy - typical British bank holiday then I guess lol.

I have a confession in the rotation department - I was a bit close to being finished I have done a few more hours than the 10 I should have.

Anyway here's the fruits of that Winnie the Pooh finished!!!
I'm over the moon with this I just need to press and frame it as I think I have someone it would make a good gift to. It's one of the stitches that the backstitch makes.

I don't feel guilty spending the extra time on it to get it finished and that's another one ticked off the crazy Jan list. So that's 5 done - not too bad. But I do keep getting side tracked with other things at the moment.

Other crafts I did some baking with my tot and he loved it. He thought that mixing the cake batter was hilarious.
These are the ones that Vince decorated however the plate that I decorated when he got bored don't look much different lol! I'm not one for baking but I can manage cupcakes but I don't have the patience to do any fancy decorating. It was a great rainy day activity with the tot though.

Loving that he's starting to get to be able do little projects like this. Best go as he's currently empting my handbag all over the floor!!! Catch you next time.

God save our Diamond Queen!

Keep Stitching....


  1. Congrats on the finish Emma. It is really cute.


  2. Wow you are on a roll with your finishes! We watched news coverage of the Jubilee here in the states - it looked lovely!

  3. Congrats on the finish. they look like my cupcakes!