Friday, 8 June 2012

Jubilee Heart Finish

I've had a productive week even if I have gone off track but I couldn't resist doing a Jubilee related stitch while watching some of the coverage on the telly. Vinnie was so cute as he enjoyed waving back at the Queen. Shame we got typical British bank holiday weather for it all but great excuse to be curled up with the stitching. We did have some sun on the Monday which was good for a kids Jubilee party we had invites to and the kiddies got to run around the field outside!

So here is the free Jubilee Heart kit from the latest Crossstitcher magazine issue 253.

It's the first time I've had a go with the soluble canvas. It was easy to stitch with once it was fixed in place as its a bit slippy at first. I have somehow muddled slightly and stitched the crown a touch too high I'm sure I centred it properly but I mustn't have as the little cross jewel at the top didn't fit but it doesn't distract from the finished piece. I was going to add the dates and initials on the back but seen as I had a little extra room at the bottom has worked out just great to add them underneath.

I was a bit nervous about soaking it to dissolve the canvas as I was always lead to believe that felt shouldn't get wet.

The canvas dissolved fairly easily in the warm water took a while and I did give it a bit of a rub as it turns into a sticky residue and I changed the water a couple of times.

It took a few days to dry out and unfortunately did go a bit stiff and cardboardy so guess I was right about felt not washing well.

It has gone together fine though maybe lost a little shape in stuffing with the front being a little stiff but otherwise I'm happy with it.

I have made a start back on the rotations with Motherly Devotion while I was waiting for this to dry so watch this space for an update on that next.

Keep stitching....


  1. Cute finish. First time I've seen stitches worked on felt. I think you've done a great job.


  2. You did a fantastic job, working with new materials is always a challenge.