Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fun in sun and Xmas stitching

I had finished these the other day but have been in such a stitching zone I didn't stop to update! That and enjoying the glorious weather with my little boy - with a little bit of moaning about the heat lol it's just not kind to bumpy women. Not even a touch of mist on the beach spoilt our building sandcastles today - well hubby and I built them tot squashed them.
my boys emerging from the mist lol

This was the view out to sea but a turn of 180 to inland it was bright blue skies!!

Also over the last few days we've had picnics in the garden, the paddling pool out, seen the sailors from HMS Ocean parade through our town, and ate lots of ice cream - it's been great!

Anyway back to the stitching. I have completed my stitching for the second batch of free Cross stitcher Christmas tags. These were part of my crazy January 15.

Here's where I was after the day in Jan:

And now all completed:
I did have stuff left over to do more but the magazine said it should be enough to do about 6 so that is what I had set out to do. Plus its all in metallics and after a while it does get to you. I normally stitch with the 2 ends through the needle and leave a loop at the bottom to fasten with but I do the opposite for metallics making it loop through the eye and knot the ends otherwise it slips and slides too much.

I have found however that the kit contains a random extra brown metallic thread.
It's not listed in the key or appears in any of the designs - how strange - it had me looking for ages thinking I was just missing something but its no where to be seen.

Here's a closer look at all the tags;

The designs themselves aren't very difficult it is the metallics that add the fiddle to these.

I'm gonna have some handsome dressed Christmas presents this year.

So I'm slowly knocking stuff off my crazy jan list - 4 down and 2 in current rotation but think I'm gonna need to get a move on to get them completed before the end of the year. Think I'll replace this with another smaller kit from the crazies list.

Keep Stitching....


  1. Congrats on the finished Emma. They are really cute.


  2. The picture is so beautiful. It has a romantic, nostalgic feeling. Your stitching looks great and you got so much done. Congratulations!

  3. Lovely Christmas tags, Emma. I can already imagine how wonderful your presents will look under the tree :)


  4. Looks great, Emma! That mist on the sea picture is actually kind of eerie - makes my imagination run wild! Congrats on the tag finish - sparkly presents this year!