Friday, 18 May 2012

slow and steady wins the race

After last weeks lack of stitching I have made up for it this week. As you know I gave in and ordered the afghan to stitch for when baby 2 arrives. I couldn't wait to get it into rotation and I have been working on it. So here's where I got to:

I thought Margaret Sherry designs were perfect baby motifs for the blanket. I have stitched the tortoise from her alphabet series in Cross stitcher magazine as Tortoise is what this bumps nickname is.

It is complete apart from the top - I ran out of 666 sigh. I have then had a bit of a run around trying to get some. I normally go to my local arts store when its just for one skein seems pointless paying the same postage for just one as you would for a handful. It mostly has framing stuff and card making but does have a DMC stand but it was totally out of 666. Shocking considering there are 2 pegs for this colour - surely a sign that its a common colour and needs keeping stock in.

Apart from that there isn't anywhere nearby that a non driver like me can get to so I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of my skein of 666 and a couple of charts I snook into my basket to make the postage worthwhile lol.

But while I wait I've moved on to my next rotation - another free Xmas tag kit from my crazy Jan pile.

Keep stitching....


  1. Hi just found your blog.

    Your Baby Afghan is lovely, very sweet!
    Happy stitching!

  2. Your tortoise turned out cute Emma. Great job.


  3. It's so cute! I've always found it odd that DMC chose to number their brightest red "666" am I the only one? I HATE getting to the store to find the ONE color I need missing. It keeps happening to me!