Friday, 11 May 2012

Pictures Galore

I haven't had much time for my stitching this week at all. In fact I think there must be time eating vortex somewhere round here cos there's not really a good explaination either, where's Dr Who when you need him.

Although it seems from catching up on blogs that you all haven't had much better on finding stitching time so I don't feel quite so bad for having nothing of note stitch wise to update you on.

I have however decided to treat you all instead to my back catalogue of stitching, to make up for my lack of pics or updates.

 I have finally uploaded all my pics from stuff I have stitched pre blog. So this is nearly all stuff you haven't seen of mine and its quite a bit.

I have added captions some better than others but some I stitched quite a while ago and can't remember all the details for, I'm sure you can give me a nudge if you want more info on any and I'll have a think lol.

I tell you I don't remember that I stitched quite that many wedding samplers lol

So click on the pre blog completed X stitch tab and follow the link to the album. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I've enjoyed stitching it all!!

Keep stitching...


  1. Hi Emma. I clicked on the link and a page came up but there was no photos.


  2. You have done very beautiful cross stitch projects! I love the fairy princess very much. Well worth the effort of stitching with all the metallics:-) Thanks for all the loveley pics.