Thursday, 5 January 2012

CJC Day 1-4

Getting into the new year and enjoying all this craziness. I've had some ups and downs, it's certainly full of fun. Hoping you are all enjoying yours and looks like some great starts from what I caught up on.

So here's my progress so far on my crazy Jan challenge...

Day 1: Christmas tags from Cross Stitcher magazine number 247.

Got all the X stitch done on one tag. Didn't really get at it but we had a lazy start to the year in addition to a teething baby - well I think it's teething, he's nearly 10 months and still to get one lol. I was cursing the kit thinking it was missing the brown (on the bauble top) but to my tired eyes it was masquerading as a green!!

I got a pack of lovely gold needles from the hubby for Christmas and they are gliding through the fabric like a dream and it was a pack of 20 so plenty to go around my crazies.

Day 2: Royal Guard Cross Stitcher Magazine number 242.

He' stitching up quick didn't have long again to work on him so good start considering. At first I thought he was not going to be a starter as the first red thread I used kept snapping on me but it must just have been a bad length in the kit. Even though it was only day 2 I felt a bit naughty opening a new kit when I hadn't made a good dint in the one before.

Day 3: Margaret Sherry Little Fairy
 Wow this one felt like it was flying off the needle. Considering this was the same day I went back to work it's coming along nicely Can't wait to get back on it!!

Day 4: Felt Baubles Cross Stitcher Magazine number 246
~Sigh ~ Just when I thought it was all going so well. The stitching has gone well but after hours of stitching I got to the bottom and realised the little piece of fabric has been cut wonky!! And something has gone askew in my middle finding so it has come dangerously close to the edge and considering this needs to be stitched into some felt this is not good. Not good at all!! :(

Looks like there may be some frogging in my future. Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh!! Kinda glad to put this one back in the box to deal with another day. ~grumble~grumble~

Hoping today's endeavour fairs better!!!

Keep stitching...


  1. Hi Emma. The frogs seem to be plaguing us all! Day two and day four both were dreadful for me. Heard a brief chorus of the "rip-its" today before I banished the pesky little critters.

    Your little Royal Guardsman is cute and I can't wait to see the MS Fairy shape up.

    Good luck with the rest of your 15!


  2. Love your starts and what great ones they are, looking forward to seeing more of your 15. Hope the frog hops along to someplace else now.

  3. Congrats on the Day 1 finish, Emma. Other pieces look great. :D

    That sucks about the frogging.... :( Can you stitch a border to it before putting it on felt?