Saturday, 31 December 2011

Here's to a stitchy New Year

As I bid a fond farewell to 2011 I wish you all the best for 2012. I will never forget 2011 as it gave me my wonderful little boy who I can't believe will be 1 year old in a few months!!! Where does the time go.

Santa brought me plenty of stitchy gifts- mostly which are for my crazy 15 - I can't wait to get started!!!!!
In addition to that he got me a kindle which has shamed me into get cracking on with my reading, rather than stitching, which is a massive stash to rival my stitching stash. Mostly fantasy books but I think there is around 80 - oh my!!!

I think on your recommendations I'm gonna order a Q snap frame and see how that goes, so thanks for the advice.

On Christmas day Vinnie decided to stand all by himself not holding onto anything. Which got whoops of excitement from me and my MIL. He hasn't done it since but what a Christmas present. He had a blast on Christmas day and even had a full 3 course dinner followed by a long nap of course. Need a big reorganise of the house as it's full of toys!

So I've been saving my excitement for stitching ready to start my crazy 15 tomorrow so watch this space! I have no idea what kind of mess this is going to get me into but it sure does seem fun. I'm normally a one at a timer so for me this really really is a crazy challenge. I just hope by the end of the 15 days I have myself a plan of action cos I'm sure I'll have new project blindness by then and not know where to start!

Keep stitching...


  1. Good luck for the Crazy 15 I can't wait to start mine either :D Happy New Year

  2. Good luck on the crazy 15, I'm usually a one at a timer too but I have started several projects and call it a wonky rotation because there is no rhyme or reason as to which I work on or when. So far it's working out. Happy New Year!

  3. So you're a fantasy reader too... who are your favourite authors??? I'd dearly love a kindle but Santa said I have to wait, I was a naughty girl and bought too much stitchy stash in 2011. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday in July instead... actually, I've got too much stuff on my stitchy wish list, I'll probably be off the good girl list for quite some time yet. LOL.

  4. I ummed over a kindle a few birthdays and Christmas' so far I'm liking it. Was thinking it would save space in terms of paperbacks and I can just get posh bindings of my favourite books for the shelves.

    OOO fantasy authors - Robin Hobb, Jacqueline Carey, Tolkien- of course, George RR Martin to name a few.

    How about you??