Monday, 16 January 2012

Let the stitching begin in ernest

Well I did it!!! Woop Woop. There was a little while I thought I mightn't get it done, but I've slogged it out and made a start on all my 15.

Day 10: Gift Tags Cross stitcher number 234

Stitched all of one of the tags it just needs trimming and making up.

Day 11: Motherly Devotion Cross stitch collection

Fabric Pack finally arrived this very day so I thought it was rude not to start it right away. Still had been having sleepless nights with my teething son so could hardly keep my eyes open. But I was really loathed to put this one away for the next.

Day 12: Ornies Cross stitcher magazine
 Made a good start. Uses three strands so will be super rich colourwise. But ouch on the threads so will have to see how far supplies get me!

Day 13: Kingfisher in Flight.
 After having been up since 4am I had a busy zombiefied day ended up out at the shops longer than I wanted but luckily I had stopped for a large peice of choccy cake to fuel me along. So really thought I wasn't going to get any stitching done. But being so close to the end I camped out in bed and stitched a length.

Day 14: Christmas Angel
 Did a little bit still was low on energy.

Day 15: Middle Earth
Doesn't look much but did take a bit of sorting firstly I nearly all the threads for this needed winding onto bobbins and it's stitched 2 over 1 so will look really good.

Now to sort the mess out......and where to start arrrrgggghhhhh!! lol

Keep stitching...


  1. Well done Emma - I've just managed to get my 15 started too. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Hugs, Ally (Glasgow)

  2. Great jog on all of the starts, looking forward to seeing some progress on them.

  3. Well done! Impressed by Middle Earth as one of them. Not a HAED fan but did like that one and almost tempted.

  4. well done on getting stitches into each one ... hope teething wee one calms down soon ... would help if was nearer usually known as an auntie grizzle device love mouse xxxx

  5. Well done!! Now don't you feel great having all these things to choose from? Last year it was fun each day deciding which one to work on, when I tired of one, I had another one waiting in the wings. Good luck this year! *Hugs*

  6. congrats on finishing! lovely new starts :D

  7. Congrats on meeting the CJC! Looking forward to seeing your progress on them.