Friday, 16 December 2011

Cute cards and Christmas holidays

Mostly this week I have had a dash on and completed a side project of a new baby card for friends.

I think its totally adorable. I did use some glissengloss blended with the darker pink on the bear and the hearts in the corner. Why do sparkles not snap well its so annoying!!! I flapped about on Sunday wondering if I had the time to do but it's stitched up really quick. I do think its good for stitch mojo doing these spur of the moment projects. The design is from an old issue of Crossstitcher that I had on the shelf. I love the bright pink felt that a stash dive produced gives it a bit of zing. I'm not a huge fan of the washed out baby colours, for my son his room was filled with rainbow primary style colours which I love better.

I should have more stitch time from now for the next 2 weeks seen as school has broke up for the holidays!!! Yippee and not a moment too soon as the end of term is always crazy busy in the office.

Its started to snow this morning so is starting to feel really festive.

No pic of Starry night this week it kinda got abandoned for the card and that I was so tried I didn't have the energy for concentrating lol.

I've updated a page for my crazy january challenge so check that out!

Keep stitching...


  1. Awwwww it's lovely and adorable!

  2. Love the bright pink.

  3. I love the colours. You get the idea of the sparkle at least... The pink adds zing anyway!

  4. Awesome card, and the onesie is soooo cute! :D

  5. that is a really cute design!